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German Summer Camps in Germany: German courses for children and teenagers

Germany is home to world-class theme parks, vibrant cities, and a countryside full of forests, lakes, and fields – all of which make it a great location for young learners to enjoy the outdoors while they learn German. German is one of the most-spoken languages in the EU, and through exploring the language in Germany, you’ll open your eyes to a new culture and new experiences every day! ESL’s junior German courses are specifically designed with young people in mind, and we offer German summer camps and German courses abroad for learners aged 7-17. Open your mind to learning a new language this year and see where it can take you!

Check our German Summer Camps in Germany

Why do a summer camp in Germany?

With its buzzing cities and beautiful nature– Germany makes the perfect destination to enjoy time outside while immersing in the local culture and German language. Our junior summer camps and German courses in Germany are language stays specifically designed with young people in mind - we want young learners to be able to learn a new language while integrating with students their own age from around the world. If you’re young and are looking for a new experience, our courses offer the opportunity to mix with others in a campus community environment, and even learn a new hobby at the same time!

Where can I learn German in Germany?

ESL’s junior German courses are offered across Germany, so you can choose the place that suits you best, and decide where you want to explore. Will it be Berlin, Germany’s capital, where you can see modern and historic Germany in harmony, or the picturesque Lindenberg in the shade of the Alps? Explore castles and stunning nature in Lahntal, or seek out a truly international vibe in Freiburg, where students flock from miles around! No matter your preference: countryside, sights and shopping, sports, or mountain life…ESL has the ideal location for you!