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As you study German in Lahntal, you’d be forgiven for mistaking the picturesque community for a film set! This postcard-perfect German region is the perfect combination of towering castles, winding rivers, and traditional town life, and a German course in Lahntal will allow you to experience everything it has to offer. You’ll fall in love with the excursions, sports, and adventure when you learn German in Lahntal!

Learn German in Lahntal
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German Schools in Lahntal

A German course in Lahntal is a popular choice for students who want to experience real day-to-day life in Germany, and live the adventurous life out in the countryside. Our fantastic partner schools offer a wide range of courses, so you'll make fast progress studying German in Lahntal. Alongside this, you’ll learn German in Lahntal in the heart of the region, close to Schloss Biedenkopf and numerous hiking trails!

Why Study German in Lahntal?

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Village Life
  • Wake up each morning of your German course in Lahntal in an idyllic destination, where you’ll be surrounded by hills and greenery - contact us for more information about living in Lahntal! 
  • While you’re here, make sure to spend some time in the local cafes, trying specialities such as the kartoffel braten, served after the autumn potato harvest!
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  • Lahntal isn’t far from the university town of Marburg, where you’ll meet other international students and get to explore Marburger Schloss and St. Elizabeth Church.
  • The large city of Frankfurt is just an hour away from Marburg on the train, so as you learn German in Lahntal, you can also experience big-city life!
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  • There’s so much to do in Lahntal, including hiking, cycling, and even canoeing along the river Lahn, one of the most popular canoeing rivers in Germany!
  • Fans of adventure will definitely want to check out the local hiking routes during a German course in Lahntal -you can hike up Rimberg for a beautiful view of the surrounding countryside.

Popular Questions about Studying German in Lahntal:

How much does it cost to live and study in Lahntal?

Living and studying German in Lahntal is bound to be affordable! If you want to try local eats on your language course abroad, a traditional schnitzel in a local restaurant could cost around 13 EUR. Our German courses in Lahntal for junior learners start from 915 EUR per week, and you can reach out to ESL for a free quote for your language studies abroad in Germany.

What are the benefits of studying German in Lahntal?

  • Studying German abroad in Lahntal is perfect if you’re looking to live the traditional village life, practising your language skills with the friendly locals
  • Lahntal is also ideal for adventurous language learners, and you can try plenty of exciting activities such as canoeing and mountain biking in the area on a German course in Lahntal

What type of German courses can I study in Lahntal?

Our partner schools place a strong emphasis on learning on the go, meaning you’ll be involved in the class from day one, and encouraged to practise studying German abroad in a welcoming environment! Some of our language courses abroad include:

  • Summer camps for learners aged 10-17
  • German plus activity programmes for junior learners (e.g. horse riding, tennis)

Do you have further questions about studying German in Lahntal?

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