Testimonials: Ali Baba, Amman

Mirjam Hafner
Mirjam Hafner
Ali Baba, Amman
Duration: 4 weeks

After a year of Arabic classes at the university, I took the time to go on a language stay in Jordan. The least I can say is that it was worth it!

The Ali Baba school of Amman was 5 minutes away from my residence. In the area, there were a lot of cheap and friendly restaurants as well as a bookstore and small supermarkets.

About the school: my teacher was a woman, her classes were excellent and she taught with a lot of fantasy and humour. During the class, we only spoke Arabic, which was difficult at the beginning but turned out to be essential to make fast progress.

Within only 4 weeks, we learned the main common expressions and revised the grammar’s basic. My pronunciation greatly improved since. Today I am able to have a real conversation. People in the street really contributed for they were always very courteous and open minded, happy with my approach to speak Arabic with them.

The school organized fantastic excursions with the other students on a regular basis. It was not a problem to organize an excursion yourself. The big plus of the Ali Baba school was the possibility offered to the students learning Arabic to be in contact with Jordanian speakers. Thus, beautiful opportunities to meet with the locals occurred and a real cultural exchange took place, which brought a lot to everyone!

Finally, it is good to mention that the climate in Amman is really pleasant. In June, the temperature never went beyond 30 degrees and the wind cooled down the city continuously. That is due to the fact tat the city is located one thousand meters above sea level.

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