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Count down to Christmas with ESL’s Advent Calendar

Check our Facebook every day from December the 1st to the 24th to join in on our Advent Calendar posts and win special prizes.
Just take a look at our full list of prizes below to see what you could win!

Day 1 - Wacaco Nanopresso portable espresso maker
Day 2 - Kindle
Day 3 - 1 week language stay in Lyon, France (flight and acommodation included)
Day 4 - A pair of Apple AirPods
Day 5 - Kindle
Day 6 - Fjällräven backpack
Day 7 - Fitbit watch
Day 8 - Polaroid instant camara
Day 9 - The National Geographic "Destinations Of A Lifetime" hardcover book
Day 10 - 1-week language stay in London (flight and acommodation included)
Day 11 - Wacaco Nanopresso portable espresso maker
Day 12 - Bose Soundlink speaker
Day 13 - A pair of Apple AirPods
Day 14 - Polaroid instant camara
Day 15 - Fitbit watch
Day 16 - The Travel Book: A Journey Through Every Country in the World by Lonely Planet
Day 17 - 1-week language stay in Berlin (flight and acommodation included)
Day 18 - Bose Soundlink speaker
Day 19 - Kindle
Day 20 - Fjällräven backpack
Day 21 - Polaroid instant camara
Day 22 - A pair of Apple AirPods
Day 23 - GoPro Hero 2018 camera
Day 24 - 2-week language stay in Miami (tickets and accomodation included)
Terms and Conditions
Terms and Conditions
1. General information

The company ESL Education SA, Grand-Rue 50, CP 1204, CH-1820 Montreux is organising the “Advent Calendar 2019” (from now on referred as “the Contest”), an international contest with no purchase obligation.
The Contest, a series of 24 posts announcing questions and prizes, will take place simultaneously from December the 1st to the 24th on all the official ESL Education Facebook accounts.

2. Qualifying entrants
2.1. The Contest is open to anyone over the age of 18 regardless of their place of residence, with the exception of ESL Education employees and their relatives.
The Contest is open to any participant who answers the question posed by ESL Education in a comment on the daily Advent Calendar post (hereafter referred to as the “Competition Post”).
2.2. Participation in the Contest implies full and complete acceptance of the present Terms and Conditions.
2.3. Any response published later than 24 hours after the publication of the Competition Post by ESL Education will not be taken into account for the draw.
2.4. Participation by email, telephone or by post will not be taken into consideration.

3. How to participate?
3.1. The contest is open daily from 01.12.2019 until 25.12.2019.
3.2. The contest will be published on the official Facebook accounts of ESL Education.
3.3. To participate, the users must answer the question posed by ESL Education, by way of commenting on the Competition Post.
3.4. Participants must answer the question on the Competition Post no later than 24 hours after the original publication of the question by ESL Education.
3.5. Incomplete answers will not be taken into consideration for the draw.

4. Selection of the winner
4.1. From all the responses on the individual Competition Post, a draw will take place to select every winner.
4.2. ESL will place a comment on the Competition Post under the winning user’s answer to communicate that the user has won the prize. The winning user will then need to contact ESL Education directly through a private message.
4.3. If the winning user does not contact ESL via private message within 10 days after the notification, the winning user may no longer be able to claim the prize. ESL Education reserves the right to reassign the unclaimed prize or to keep it for another contest.
4.4. ESL Education is freed from any responsibility if a prize is not delivered for reasons beyond its control (incomplete or mistaken contact information of the winner, loss in mail, postal strikes etc.).
4.5. We may, in appropriate circumstances, and at our sole discretion, reject, edit, remove or disable comments (answers) that appear to be legally or otherwise problematic e.g. infringe the copyright or other intellectual property or privacy rights of others, are defamatory, racist, etc. or for any other reason.

5. Prize
5.1. Prize details:
5.2. The physical prizes will all be sent to the winners after 10.01.2020. Prizes of language stays must take place before 31.12.2020.
5.3. The prize may not be exchanged for another one nor for its equivalent in cash. The name of the recipient of the prize cannot be changed. The prizes are reserved for the strictly personal use of the winners and are non-transferrable.
5.4. If for any reason, it is not possible for a prize to be obtained, ESL Education reserves the right to replace the prize for another of the same value, without this providing ground to be contested.
6. Liability
6.1. ESL Education reserves the right at any time, in particular in case of an emergency, to modify, cancel, extend or shorten the Contest.
6.2. The liability of ESL Education cannot be incurred as a result of this fact, nor because of difficulty whatever the causes, problems when sending or losing the prize.
6.3. The winner of a language stay will be solely responsible for organising their trip in accordance with the amount allocated by ESL Education. They agree not to file any complaint or appeal against ESL Education.
6.4. The participants will not hold ESL Education, its managers and employees responsible for any liability, loss or damage of any kind whatsoever resulting directly or indirectly from this contest.

7. Communication
7.1. The winner authorises ESL Education to publish the winner’s full name, city, country and picture on its various websites and social media accounts.
7.2. If the winner has social media accounts, the winner may publish pictures featuring themselves with the prize by mentioning or tagging ESL Education.
7.3. For the winner of language stay: during the time abroad or upon returning from the stay, the winner should send 3 to 5 photos from the trip to ESL Education using the marketing material ESL Education will provide. ESL Education may use said photos as part of an internal or external communication strategy across its various communication channels.
8. Privacy policy and data protection
8.1. ESL Education will process the data submitted by the participants in accordance with applicable data protection legislation.
8.2. The data may be used to contact participants in order to inform them about the programmes and services offered by ESL Education. Participants have a right to access and modify the data collected about them and to object, on request and free of charge, to the use of their personal information for marketing purposes. For any request, please send an email to [email protected]
8.3. Any personal data relating to entrants will not be disclosed to a third party without the individual’s consent. Data relating to entrants will be retained by ESL Education for a reasonable period after the Contest closes to assist in operating competitions in a consistent manner and for ESL Education to deal with any queries regarding the Contest.

9. Applicable law and legal dispute
9.1. In the event of any dispute over the interpretation or application of the present Terms and Conditions, the courts of the Canton of Vaud (Switzerland) are the only authorities competent to resolve cases, in accordance with Swiss legislation.
10. Facebook (in case of promotions)
10.1. This contest is not sponsored, managed or related to Facebook in any way. All participants free Facebook from any damage that might be derived from it. 

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