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English school in London

The London School of English

English school in London

The London School of English

The London School of English

"Come with high expectations, we'll exceed them". The motto of our partner school already says a lot about the seriousness of the academic programmes offered at 15, Holland Park Gardens. Founded in 1912, the London School of English is one of the oldest English schools in England and has lengthy experience in teaching for professionals aged 30+. The numerous programmes proposed include as much specific courses for young professionals, as English courses for executives or for specific sectors of activity (Legal English, English for HR, etc.) Whether you are just starting out in your career or you are at the peak of your career, the dynamism and know-how of the teachers at London School of English will be fully put to use in order to increase, in a minimum amount of time, your ability to communicate in English in the specific context of your profession, but also in the less informal setting of daily discussions. In this respect, the school’s restaurant will become the essential meeting place if you wish to meet people and share favourable moments with your study companions. Whether a Japanese engineer, a German lawyer, a Brazilian architect, a Russian entrepreneur or a Swiss businessman…London School of English distinguishes itself by its nationality mix and the chill-out atmosphere during lunch breaks facilitates sharing of interdisciplinary knowledge and exchanges of business cards of people from all backgrounds.

School Highlights

The London School of English
English school in London
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Key points

  • Oldest accredited language school in the world, with over 104 years experience
  • Specialist business communication skills training courses for experienced and young professionals, including highly realistic business simulations
  • Small class sizes and individual progress monitoring
  • Varied social programme every week

School facts

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years old
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years old
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Accommodation with a family in a single room with breakfast, 3 evening meals and a private bathroom. Each host family will be 40 mins by public transport from the school on average.

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