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German school in Zurich

Language Studies International (LSI)

German school in Zurich

Language Studies International (LSI)

Language Studies International (LSI)

Our partner school is ideally situated, only 5 minutes away from the city centre and the lake. The teachers are highly qualified and experienced in the teaching of German as a foreign language. You will study in one of the 9 renovated and comfortable classrooms and will also have the use of a computer room with Internet access. In addition, the building is equipped with a WiFi connection. Finally, you will be able to meet up with the other students in the student lounge for a moment of relaxation after classes or during breaks.

School Highlights

Language Studies International (LSI)
German school in Zurich
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Key points

  • Well-located school, close to the lake and the city-centre
  • First class cultural calendar
  • Numerous extracurricular activities

School facts

Available exams:
School size:
Disabled access
Free Wifi

Student facts

Minimum age:
years old
Average age:
years old
Maximum students in class:


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Student nationalities

      United States
      United Kingdom


ESL schools guarantee the same excellent standards for accommodation as they do for teaching. We take great pleasure in helping you find the most suitable accommodation for you.


Host family


Staying with a host family is ideal for discovering the Swiss culture and practicing your German outside of the classroom in a warm and friendly atmosphere. Located 30-40 minutes from the school, you will have your own room and breakfast and dinner provided daily.

Why choose our accommodation

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Guaranteed Accommodation

Finding the right accommodation can be stressful. That’s why we guarantee that we’ll find the perfect housing option for you before you even land in your destination.

Convenient Transport

Our accommodation is hand-picked to make sure your journey to the classroom is as safe, reliable, and smooth as possible.

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Safer and more comfortable

All of our accommodation options are rigorously screened to ensure you know exactly what you’re getting when you make the choice to book your program.