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The programme in the teacher's home with ESL

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The programme in the teacher's home with ESL

Private courses are ideal to achieve specific objectives. They are particularly suitable for professionals who need to acquire language skills specific to their fields of activity, for students who wish to prepare for an examination, and for anyone wishing to broaden their knowledge of Spanish to meet their specific needs. In your teacher’s home, you will benefit from unique learning conditions. For instance, discussions over meals or at other times will be conducted exclusively in the target language. Living with your teacher implies that every single moment will be put to good use to reach your objectives, not only during the lessons, but also whenever you are with your teacher during the day. You will experience full immersion, without a chance to speak in your mother tongue. Your teacher will be there to help you with your difficulties, at your own pace, since you will be his one and only student (unless you choose the programme for two students: see options).

School Highlights

The programme in the teacher's home with ESL
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Key points

  • Full immersion in the teacher’s home
  • Private course tailored to the student’s needs and objectives
  • A maximum amount of progress in a minimum amount of time
  • Authentic cultural experience in a family atmosphere

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ESL schools guarantee the same excellent standards for accommodation as they do for teaching. We take great pleasure in helping you find the most suitable accommodation for you.

In the teacher's home

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Living in the teacher's home allows you to practise the language in first class conditions. Since compatibility is very important for guaranteeing the success of the course, you will be asked to fill in a questionnaire concerning your preferences, interests and possible requirements to enable us to find the ideal teacher.

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