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Accommodation : Family language holidays

A home away from home... but abroad!
Accommodation is one of the things which determine whether your language holiday is a success. You should feel comfortable in your surroundings that meet your needs. You can then fully enjoy your free time after class and at the weekend together as a family during your language holiday.
Host family
This is widely regarded as part and parcel of a language holiday. Staying with local residents has many advantages:
  • Direct contact with a local family
  • Complete immersion in the language
  • Family meals together
  • Cultural discovery through sharing your day-to-day with a local family
  • Experiencing local hospitality in an authentic environment
  • The chance to join in on family activities (celebrations, trips)
Host families are carefully chosen by our partner schools and are monitored regularly to check that they are meeting all the required criteria. If you like a relaxed and family-orientated way of life, this is the ideal arrangement for you!
Please note that the phrase 'Host Family' does not necessarily mean a traditional family, but that the household can be made up of a retired couple, a single person or several adults. Different options will be available regarding how many members of your family can be housed with a host family. In the majority of cases, the bathroom is shared with the host family, as well as the living area and other communal rooms.
Accommodation with a host family is not guaranteed for large families.
Private apartment
You benefit from greater privacy in a private apartment. You and your family will be living together much like 'at home'. This means, however, you will be doing household jobs, such as cooking or cleaning the apartment.
The apartments have single, double and sometimes triple rooms. We can offer you accommodation that suits the needs of your family structure.
You will need to pay a deposit when you arrive (on average €200). This is, of course, returned at the end of the holiday if there has been no damage.
Hotel / B&B
Hotel and B&B rooms are available in certain destinations.
Language holiday without accommodation
You and your family can take a language course without booking accommodation through us.