Sabbatical year, Gap Year, Long stay: Barista Australia

Barista: Coffee-Making Specialist Programme
This programme aims to prepare students to apply for a paid job in the coffee industry, which is enjoying spectacular growth, just like Gold Coast’s economy itself. With this full training programme, you will improve your English level and increase your chances of finding a seasonal barista job: coffee drinkers will love it!
Validated by a nationally recognised training qualification, the barista course takes place over 5 weeks and includes 3 certificates, which are essential assets for finding a job after the training:
- Use Hygienic Practice for Food Safety
- Prepare and Serve Espresso Coffee
- Provide responsible service of alcohol
You will have 30 hours of classes per week in all, including 20 hours of interactive English classes, which will allow you to develop your English ability while learning hospitality-specific vocabulary. The 10 remaining hours are dedicated to the vocational “barista” training, with both theoretical and practical workshops. Explore all aspects of this highly demanded job in the tourism industry: from how a coffee machine works to texturing milk, via coffee varieties and regulations on the service of alcohol, you will learn everything there is to know about serving coffee like a real barista.
Here are a few topics covered during the vocational training:
- How to use a coffee machine optimally (machine parts, settings, etc.)
- History of coffee: extracting coffee beans, coffee styles (cappuccino, latte, mocha, etc.)
- Texturing milk: how to conserve, prepare and serve milk to accompany coffee
- Service: order taking, tray service to customers, cleaning up the premises
- Responsible service of alcohol
- Rules and regulations regarding personal and food hygiene
ESL - Barista Australia
After completing the training, participants travelling with a student visa or a Working Holiday Visa (WHV) may find a job during the last weeks or months of their stay. With this in mind, our partner school has put in place a dedicated Job Club to prepare students for the Australian working world.
With your barista qualification under your belt, it’s very likely you’ll find the perfect job to apply your new language skills and develop personally in an enriching environment. This is your chance to gain pocket money, acquire professional experience and practise your English in action!
Student jobs in the hospitality industry are available throughout the year. The best time to find a job is from March to November (outside the Australian summer holidays).

Programme requirements:
- Minimum age: 18 years
- Working Holiday Visa, visitor visa or student visa
- Minimum 5-week English + Barista course
- Minimum English level: A2 or higher