Sabbatical year, Gap Year, Long stay: India

The programme
This programme is an innovative model of enriched education combining English language studies with a volunteer experience in the Indian community. Our partner school offers a programme in cooperation with non-governmental organisations in Old Delhi and Gurgaon, in southwest Delhi. In order to be as efficient as possible during your time volunteering, the school strongly recommends you also take a Hindi course in addition to your English course during the first part of the programme. This way, you’ll acquire a basic knowledge of Hindi and be able to greet someone, ask for directions or use simple vocabulary, which is essential for those who want to connect and work with the local population.
Volunteer work
Students are placed in a social volunteer position helping disadvantaged Indians in New Delhi or in small countryside villages. Students must be prepared to live and work outside of Delhi in Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan or Goa.
Programme requirements:
- Minimum age: 18
- Tourist visa
- Minimum 4-week English course
- Minimum English level: B1
- Taking an elementary Hindi course is strongly recommended
- Being committed to helping disadvantaged people
- Flexibility and positive attitude