Sabbatical year : Gap Year in Canada

If you’re looking for international work experience, our Work and Study programmes are perfect for you. With campuses in Vancouver and Toronto, Greystone College offers diplomas combining academic training and work placement in the fields of business and hospitality.
Pick the diploma that matches your interests and take part in an extensive training programme. Upon completion of the course, you’ll receive an official diploma from Greystone College. This is your opportunity to improve your English knowledge, both in an academic and work setting, while building career-focused skills. With this international experience in a Canadian company, you’ll develop essential soft skills for the workplace, which will make you more employable – a real asset on your résumé!
ESL - Internship Canada
The Work and Study programmes are divided into two parts:
  • Academic studies
Alongside specific courses related to your chosen field of activity, all programmes include a 4-week work placement skills course supervised by industry professionals. The course prepares students to apply for an internship and work in a Canadian company. Upon completion of the internship, all students will take a 2-week post-internship follow-up course, which concludes the programme.
  • Work placement
Greystone College has its own job board to ensure every student has the resources to find an internship relevant to their programme and adapted to their professional and language skills. The salary and schedule are determined by the employer and include an average of 21 hours of work weekly (and up to 27 hours per week for the Diplomas in Hospitality). Work placement hours cannot exceed study hours. The content of the internship depends on the employer’s needs and student’s skills.
Check out the amazing Canadian campuses in which this Work and Study programme is available and start improving your future:
Business programmes you can combine with an internship:
  • - Diploma in Business Communications
  • - Diploma in International Business Management
  • - Diploma in Customer Service

Why study business?
  • - Develop versatile skills that will help you move forward in any industry.
  • - Learn to successfully manage a business and communicate effectively in an international environment.
Hospitality programmes you can combine with an internship:
  • - Diploma in Hospitality Management
  • - Diploma in Hospitality Sales and Marketing
  • - Diploma in Hospitality Operations
Why study hospitality?
  • - Acquire the skills you need to get an entry-level or management position in restaurants, hotels, resorts and much more.
- The tourism and hospitality industry represents over 10% of the jobs in world.