Sabbatical year, Gap Year, Long stay: Internship Spanish

Buenos Aires

ESL - Internship Spanish
A month at the latest before the beginning of the programme, you’ll choose from among the available fields of activity for your internship and submit your request to the school. You must also include your CV and a cover letter in Spanish. Then, you’ll spend the amount of time necessary to reach the required Spanish level (minimum 4 weeks), and then it’s time to start your internship! It will start with an orientation training session. Throughout the whole programme, you’ll receive advice from the coordinator, and you’re always invited to take part in the school’s activities. Halfway through the internship, an evaluation will take place with your manager. At the end of the programme, you’ll receive a final evaluation, as well as a certificate – great for your CV!
Non-profit organisations, social, business, law, marketing, art & design, medicine, environment, education, tourism, IT, engineering, etc.

Programme requirements:
- Minimum age: 18
- Possibility to extend the internship on site by requesting a 90-day extension for the tourist visa
- Minimum 4-week Spanish course 
- Minimum Spanish level: B2
- CV and cover letter in Spanish
- Choice of 3 fields of activities