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ESL - Internship UK
The programme
The aim of the internship is to put your language skills into practice in a professional context, which is why it’s essential to have achieved at least an intermediate level before starting the internship. Following an intensive English course of a minimum of 6 weeks, you can start your unpaid internship in the industry of your choice. Internships take place over a minimum of 4 weeks and a maximum of 24 weeks, with an average of 8 to 12 weeks. It’s the perfect way to start your professional career!

Administration, marketing, media, public relations, web design, customer service, educational administration, fashion business, hospitality and travel and tourism (others available upon request).

Programme requirements
- Minimum age: 18; maximum recommended age: 29
- Must be an EEA/Swiss national or a Youth Mobility Scheme Visa holder (Tier 5)
- Minimum 6-week intensive English course
- Minimum English level: B2
- Résumé and cover letter in English
- Photocopy of work certificates and letters of reference
ESL special offer
Free flight to London offered for any booking of a language study trip including 12 weeks of classes. For any booking of 24 weeks of classes, ESL offers you airport pick-up free of charge! To find out more about this offer, please contact us.


ESL - Internship UK
The programme consists of a minimum 4-week English course plus a 10-16-week unpaid internship. Designed for young people who are already in the workforce or for students wishing to improve their career prospects, this programme mainly offers placements in the area of sustainable development. During the internship, you’ll benefit from professional career advice and from personalised monitoring of your progress. At the end of your work placement, you’ll get a final report including any certifications you receive.
Information technology (IT), finance, tourism, manufacturing, media, law, engineering, environmental, etc.
Examples of previous work placements include Colin Glen (forest park), Ulster Wildlife Trust (wildlife reserve), B9 Energy Group (management of renewable energy projects), Pure Marine (management of marine projects), Northern Ireland Farm Forestry and Tidy Northern Ireland (environmental charity in Northern Ireland).

Programme requirements:
- Minimum age: 17 years
- EU and Swiss citizens only
- Minimum 4-week English course
- Minimum language level: B1  
- Determined and positive attitude
- Own third-party insurance