Sabbatical year, Gap Year, Long stay: Job Club New Zealand

The programme
Queenstown is the fastest-growing city in New Zealand! This well-known resort attracts several million visitors each year, creating many job opportunities during the ski season (June to October) as well as in the summer (December to February), when tourist activity is at its peak. Favourable regulations for temporary jobs for foreign workers mean this destination is particularly interesting for anyone wishing to extend their stay and earn some extra pocket money with a paid job. In order to make things easier for you, our partner school will help guide you in your job search. The Job Club is especially designed for participants travelling with a student visa. It gives you access to a whole range of services to help you find part-time work as quickly as possible after the start of your language course. The weekly Job Club workshops include:
- Personal support throughout your job search
- Help to open a bank account in New Zealand
- Help writting a résumé and cover letter in English
- Practising interview techniques in English and meetings with key people in the Queenstown job market
- Help applying for an IRD number (tax number so that students pay less tax)
- Information on seasonal jobs and where to find jobs adverts
- Help to meet or connect with top employers in Queenstown
On the other hand, students travelling with a Working Holiday Visa (WHV) will be given a job placement by the school, always taking into account students’ preferences as much as possible. In this programme, the job usually starts after the end of the course but may occur simultaneously in the case of courses of longer duration.
Hospitality, catering, sales, administration, marketing, transport, travel agencies, spas, supermarkets, bakeries, bars and clubs, casinos, fruit picking, grape harvesting, petrol stations, building industry, ski resorts (June-Sept.), etc.
Programme requirements
- Minimum age: 16 for the language course, 17 to work
Note: Students under 18 need a letter from their parents explicitly giving permission to work. 
- Student visa or working holiday visa (WHV)
- Minimum 6-week English course
- Recommended minimum English level: B1