Sabbatical year, Gap Year, Long stay: Language PLUS Music and Dance

Our new programme gives you the chance to discover a language through music or dance. These courses are for the music lovers out there!

If you're gifted with a "musical ear", it may be easier for you to learn a foreign language. Our new Language PLUS music programme offers the opportunity to combine language courses with music, singing or dancing.

As a global language, music opens a door to other cultures. This concept fits in closely with the idea of a foreign language, which also gives access to another world. Dance, play an instrument or sing along, all while turning language learning into a fun and dynamic experience!

Students will work together as they make music, a vital aspect of the language programme. Technical terms and musical expressions will also be taught during the course. The Language PLUS Music & language PLUS dance programmes paves your way to a new experience of complete immersion in music and a foreign language, which leads to lasting progress.
ESL - Language PLUS Music and Dance
In Spain, music is ubiquitous. Our Taronja partner school in Valencia offers Spanish courses with total musical immersion. Either individually or in groups, you have the pleasure of playing flamenco guitar and sharing this discovery through a series of small concerts with the other students.
Spain means fiesta! In this country of sunshine, music and dance, our partner schools in Málaga offer all Spanish courses combined with dance workshops. Flamenco or Salsa: feel the rhythm and join in!
In South America, dancing is in people’s blood. In Argentina, for example, the tango is much more than just a dance; it's a philosophy, the art of moving together in perfect harmony. With our Buenos Aires partner school Expanish, you may combine you Spanish course with tango lessons – private or in small groups. You can combine language and dance lessons in Quito (Ecuador).
The city of Vienna is closely connected to music and provides an absolutely charming atmosphere for a language course. Our partner school  Actilingua Vienna offers a programme in which the German lessons feature both contemporary and classical Austrian music.
Our partner schools Liden & Denz in Moscow and Liden & Denz in St Petersburg offer Russian language courses combined with seminars about Russian music and music history. Listen and try to understand the lyrics! Take a musical journey through the ages and regions of this country with its captivating culture.