Sabbatical year, Gap Year, Long stay: Testimonials

BSC Brighton
Duration: 7 months

Before graduating from college and getting a job, I decided to travel abroad in order to improve my English, so I took a 5-month full-immersion language course in the pleasant and dynamic city of Brighton. I chose to stay at the Student House, which was an amazing experience, both for my personal development and to improve my English skills. I met students from all over the world there, they became my friends and visited me in Paris. At the student house, you could always find someone to talk to and exchange your ideas in English. Besides, the intensive course allowed me to combine classes and leisure, with lessons in the mornings and 3 afternoons per week dedicated to discovering England and taking part in the leisure activities organised by the school. This experience has brought me a lot, as well on a personal level as on a professional level. I had the opportunity to carry out a 2-month internship in an English company, in marketing, a subject which I’m currently studying in France. I could work with English people and professionals, which helped me improve my listening and speaking skills. I believe no words can really describe such an amazing experience, you need to experience it to realise what it means to take a language course abroad.

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