Testimonials: Lexis English, Brisbane

Leo Napoletano
Leo Napoletano
Lexis English, Brisbane
Duration: 10 weeks

Hi, I’m Léo Resin-Napoletano, I’m 15 years old and I recently spent 3 months in Brisbane (Australia). I went there to learn English and immerse myself in another culture. I really liked how the school worked, its teaching methods, the lessons and the teachers. Everyone was extremely friendly to me. An experience like this one is the best way to discover other horizons, get to know other cultures and make new friends. My classmates were a lot older than me, but I had no problem fitting in and I really enjoyed my time with them. After 3 months, I’m proud of myself for having reached a C1 level in listening and reading skills, and a B2 in writing and grammar. I’m sure I’ll find these skills very useful during my studies.

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