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Language PLUS Discover the city: Language courses abroad

English in the City
The programme includes two modules:

- The academic teaching of the English language is done in the morning and consists of 20 lessons per week. It deals with grammar and vocabulary, but also prepares the students for their “field mission”, which will take place in the afternoon.

- The subject dealt with during the class (one set theme per week) is then treated in-depth through visits, group work or lectures on the subject given by external specialists. 
By applying the skills acquired in the morning during the class in the afternoon in a relaxed atmosphere, you will gain proficiency and complement your academic knowledge with plenty of genuine phrases and vocabulary related to the culture and the history of the place.

In small groups with other international students, you'll conduct surveys on the street, interview people working in emblematic places or visit monuments to discover what’s behind the scenes – exciting missions!  Furthermore, you'll be able to attend lectures or presentations on the most varied fields of local business life.
This way, you'll get original, unusual and maybe even confidential information while interacting with various members of the local population. You'll soon notice your vocabulary becoming richer and your oral and written expression improving, plus, of course, highly improved oral comprehension. The interactive part of this practical experience will bring you a lot of pleasure – it’s English and fun for real! Enjoy authentic immersion in the real world: the local life of your host town.

The practical part takes 10 hours per week.

  • Deep knowledge of your host town
  • Acquisition of essential language skills
  • Development of your ability to speak fluently
  • Direct interaction with locals in English
  • Practical application of the language in action
About the programme
  • Course: 20 classes of standard English/week in the morning
  • English in the City: 10 hours/week in the afternoon
  • Minimum stay: 1 week
  • Start of the programme: every Monday, all year long
  • Minimum age: 16 years old
  • Students per class: max.15
  • Minimum level: lower intermediate (A2-B1)
Secret Cities
Course structure
  • The programme includes per week:
  • 20 afternoon general English classes
  • 3 morning excursions
  • 2 evening excursions
  • 1 full-day weekend excursion 

Get off the typical tourist trail and experience your destination like a local with the Secret Cities programme. You’ll use the English language skills you acquire in the classroom as you explore the city with expert local guides, who will show you a side of their hometown you may never have discovered on your own.
Your three weekly morning excursions could include activities like brunch at local hotspots, walking tours of off-the-beaten-track neighbourhoods or sporting activities designed to allow you to experience your surroundings to the fullest. Your evening activities could range from a night out visiting popular local bars or pubs, to attending concerts, the theatre or group dinners. At the weekend, enjoy your full-day excursion in total English immersion, and discover all the secrets of your city!
  • Reinforce in-classroom language skills with real-world activities
  • Get to know the culture through food, sports, art and museum visits
  • Discover the most authentic local aspects of your destination city
  • Enjoy reduced class sizes and personal attention from your teachers and guides 
About the programme
  • Course: 20 classes of general English per week in the afternoons
  • Secret Cities: 3 morning excursions, 2 evening excursions and 1 full-day weekend excursion per week
  • Minimum stay: 1 week
  • Start of the programme: every Monday, from 24.06 – 19.08.2019 / 22.06 - 27.07.2020 
  • Minimum age: 18 years old
  • Students per class: max. 12Minimum level: lower intermediate (A2+)