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School Quality

Guaranteed quality of our partner schools abroad

Offering excellent service and recognised by quality control entities, our partner schools are the experts at what they do. Presenting you with only the highest quality schools on the market, we’ve spent the past 20 years choosing and continuing to follow up with our partner schools to ensure their excellent quality.

ESL quality guarantee
Because your language trip doesn’t only occur in the classroom, our goal at ESL is for you to have the time of your life both during class and outside the classroom. You’ll reap all the benefits of ESL’s privileged relationship with our partner schools, who will welcome you and accompany you throughout your stay with special attention because you’re coming from ESL! The thousands of online reviews by students just like you help us maintain our high quality standards. Using these highly valued student ratings, ESL recognises excellence in schools at the yearly ESL Language Travel Awards ceremony. You can immediately see which partner schools our students love most with the ESL Certificate of Excellence logo.
A close-knit environment
All of our partner schools share one characteristic, whether they’re schools with huge student bodies or small academies with just a couple of classrooms – they all put their students’ well-being first! A welcoming environment and dedicated staff who are available to support you 24/7 will make your language stay unforgettable. Going through the experience with you will be the new friends you’ll make, who will not only be your classmates but also your companions as you discover your new destination. By the time you leave, you’ll know all the best things to see and do in the city plus the locals’ favourite places to eat, hang out and get a dose of culture. Make the most of your experience abroad in full immersion!
Stimulating courses tailored to your level
Upon arrival, your needs will be assessed and you’ll take a level test in order to be placed in the perfect class for you. From start to finish, your learning goals will be clearly stated, your teachers will give you feedback on your progress and you’ll receive a certificate attesting to your achievement at the end of the course. You can choose to take an official exam or at the very least, progress to the next level in your language studies. As you study, you’ll enjoy perks like small class sizes, conversation-based lessons and a diversity of backgrounds, ages and nationalities among your classmates that will enrich your lessons. All of this will help improve your soft skills, heighten your cultural awareness and of course, provide you with lasting language skills to help you in all your future endeavours.
Excellent teachers
Because teachers are such a vital part of the learning process, our partner schools’ educational staff are all highly trained and experts in their field. Native speakers of their languages, your experienced teachers employ the communicative methodology so you can practise your language skills in a real-world context. Your classes will use technology to enhance your learning experience, all with the constant availability, support and evaluation from your teacher.
Your experience outside the classroom
Because your time outside of the classroom is just as important as what you learn inside the classroom, our partner schools make sure to offer a dynamic variety of leisure activities and excursions plus comfortable, modern accommodation so you and your fellow students will have a welcoming place to lay your head at the end of every day.
Wi-Fi and internet
Offering free Wi-Fi and computers with internet access for student use, you can always get online at any of our partner schools to stay connected throughout your language stay.
Quality Institutions
All of the schools that we work with have been established partners for several years and are internationally recognised. They are affiliated to federations and/or professional associations and are accredited by the following quality control insitutions:
ESL - Accreditations  - AAIEP
This association exercises the function of national professional association regarding English language schools. It brings together the schools working according to a quality charter.
ESL - Accreditations  - ACCET
This association provides institutional accreditation for organizations whose primary function is for educational purposes and also for organizations offering continuing education. ACCET accredits non-collegiate continuing education and training organizations throughout the United States as well as programs abroad. ACCET is similar to the British Council in the UK, visiting all their accredited schools every 3 years. The schools accredited by ACCET are among the best in the USA.
ESL - Accreditations  - ACPET
ACPET is an association of independent providers of education services and/or of higher education for Australian and international students.
ESL - Accreditations  - ALTO
With members in more than 30 countries on the 5 continents, ALTO brings together specialised language travel organisations working according to its demanding quality charter.
ESL - Accreditations  - ASILS
This association brings together the best schools teaching Italian in Italy. Its aim is to manage the commercial and didactic competence of member schools and to enforce European quality standards in the linguistic field.
ESL - Accreditations  - BAC
This accreditation is responsible for maintaining academic standards for higher education and specialized studies in Great Britain. It accords particular attention to foreign students.
British Council
ESL - Accreditations  - British Council
This British governmental organization examines and determines the quality of language schools.
Business English UK partner agency
ESL - Accreditations  - Business English UK partner agency
ESL – Language studies abroad is an official agent for dedicated business language training centres in the UK.
ESL - Accreditations  - CEELE
This association stemming from the University of Alcalá is the symbol of quality guarantee for Spanish schools in Spain. All ESL partner schools have successfully passed the CEELE inspection.
ESL - Accreditations  - EAQUALS
This Pan-European association brings together all service providers concerned with language teaching, with the aim of securing the quality of the service providers of the private and public economy.
ESL - Accreditations  - EduSa
Previously known as ELTASA (English language Travel Association of South Africa), EduSA is now a sub-sector of SAYTC (South African Youth and Travel Confederation) and brings together actors of the language travel industry in South Africa. It aims to promote and encourage growth in the sector by guaranteeing the quality and professionalism of its members.
ESL - Accreditations  - ELICOS
(English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students)Only schools meeting quality criteria are accredited by this official Australian label.
English Australia
ESL - Accreditations  - English Australia
This official Australian label accredits only schools fulfilling certain quality criteria.
English New Zealand
ESL - Accreditations  - English New Zealand
This federation, which brings together private, accredited schools teaching English, is recognized by the New Zealand Department of Education.
English UK partner agency
ESL - Accreditations  - English UK partner agency
ESL – Language studies abroad is an official agent of English UK. This respected organisation grew from a merger of two of the most important quality control bodies: ARELS and BASELT.
Membership conditions include:
  • High standards of teaching
  • Qualified teachers
  • Extensive language programmes
  • Carefully selected host families
  • Students’ nationality mix 
ESL - Accreditations  - FaDaF
This national organisation guarantees the quality of the teaching body and content of German as a foreign language lessons given in Germany’s schools and universities.
ESL - Accreditations  - FELTOM
Based in Malta, this federation only recognizes patented and eminent schools.
ESL - Accreditations  - FIYTO
(Federation of International Youth Travel Organizations)
This association has been in existence for 50 years and is the largest and most influential organisation in the domain of youth travel. FIYTO counts approximately 350 members, spread throughout 60 countries.
ESL - Accreditations  - FLE
In France, this quality label, put in place by the CIEP (Centre International d'Études Pédagogiques), from now on allows foreign students to identify and recognise French language schools guaranteeing an excellent quality of teaching. The FLE assurance of quality is issued to language schools which meet a number of criteria, also entitling them to be featured in the directory established by the CIEP.
IALC partner agency
ESL - Accreditations  - IALC partner agency
This association brings together more than 80 independent language schools with the same quality standards. These are submitted to regular inspections.
ESL - Accreditations  - ICEF
ESL Education has been recognised by the world leader in event organisation for international education professionals.
Instituto Cervantes
ESL - Accreditations  - Instituto Cervantes
The Cervantes Institute is a public institution which was founded in Spain in 1991 to promote Spanish language teaching and knowledge of the cultures of Spanish-speaking countries throughout the world.
International House
ESL - Accreditations  - International House
International federation of regularly inspected schools that work according to quality criteria of a high standard.
Label of quality for Swiss tourism (Level 1)
ESL - Accreditations  - Label of quality for Swiss tourism (Level 1)
The quality label for Swiss tourism was initiated by several Swiss tourism institutions including the Swiss Federation of Tourism (FST), the Swiss Tourism Office (ST) and the Swiss Association of Tourism Directors (ASDT). ESL has fulfilled all necessary conditions to achieve level 1 of this quality label.
Languages Canada
ESL - Accreditations  - Languages Canada
The Languages Canada objective is to guarantee that its members provide high-quality services
ESL - Accreditations  - MEI
This association brings together Irish schools teaching English. Members of MEI are also recognised by the Irish Department of Education.
ESL - Accreditations  - NEAS
Australian national governmental accreditation organisation for the recognition of educational institutions. The objective of this organisation is to guarantee the teaching quality of English language schools.
Quality English partner agency
ESL - Accreditations  - Quality English partner agency
The Quality English label is only accessible to well-respected independent schools offering quality programmes complying with strict standards. ESL – Language studies abroad is an official partner agent.
ESL - Accreditations  - Relsa
(Recognized English Language Schools Association) This association brings together Irish schools teaching English. The members of RELSA are also recognised by the Irish Department of Education.
STM Star Awards
ESL - Accreditations  - STM Star Awards
ESL – Language studies abroad has been repeatedly voted “Star Agency Europe” by thousands of language schools around the world. 
WYSE Work Abroad Association
ESL - Accreditations  - WYSE Work Abroad Association
This association brings together organisations actively engaged in the organisation or promotion of work abroad programmes. It sets high quality standards for its members and works with governments to promote work abroad programmes.