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Types of courses

Types of language business courses

Our language courses for professionals are taught in small groups or one-to-one, so you enjoy much more direct contact time with your teacher than on a standard language course. With these intensive programmes, you will make rapid progress with the language you are learning.

Taught by specialised trainers, these courses deliver valuable communication skills for the modern professional world. 
General language with business
Combine a general language course with business-specific lessons. These programmes are suitable whatever your current level of the language you are learning, and will develop your essential communication skills with a special focus on your needs in the workplace. You will come back with much more confidence in the language. 
30+ programme
This programme is not business-specific, but does offer a more mature study environment than a standard adult language course (which is available to anyone aged 18 or over). If you need English mainly for the less formal areas of professional life, as opposed to for a specific professional goal, this course is a great fit. 
Business language course (mini group)
Learning in a mini group, you will enjoy lots of direct input from your trainer, while benefitting from the energy of a group. The courses are especially designed to develop your communication in a professional context, including skills such as negotiation, email/telephone etiquette and presentations. You will also become more comfortable communicating in informal contexts. 
Combined business course (one-to-one + mini group)
One of our most popular programmes, this course combines our standard mini-group professional course with additional one-to-one tuition tailored to your individual needs. If you want to progress quickly while enjoying the benefits of group work, this course is for you. 
Tailor-made one-to-one courses
After a thorough needs analysis before you travel, you will receive intensive one-to-one tuition based on your individual goals. As well as encouraging you to communicate successfully, your trainer will help you develop the skills needed for success in your career. If you need to study for a specific industry or field of activity, a one-to-one course guarantees rapid, targeted progress. 
Young Business English course (aged 20-30)
Especially for learners aged 20-30, this small-group course is ideal if you are in the early stages of your career, or preparing for an MBA. As well as business English and professional capabilities, this course gives you the confidence to communicate in less formal business and social situations.
Sector-specific English for business courses
We offer a range of courses designed for specific areas including finance, insurance, law, human resources, civil service, medicine, engineering, IT and more. Starting on fixed dates, the courses deliver not only targeted language skills, but the chance to make international contacts in your field. 
Preparation courses for official certificates
Many companies and organisations use official language certificates as a barometer of your language skills. An exam preparation course is the most efficient way to prepare for, and pass, an official language exam. Whether you are preparing for a business English certificate or any other certificate, the course is designed around the specific demands of the corresponding exam. You will also enjoy a more general boost to your language level. 
One-to-One course in the teacher’s home
This is the ultimate tailor-made language course, as intensive as you want it to be. Live and study with a language teacher who is specialised in your field. You will benefit from constant language guidance in topics that are important to you, while enjoying an authentic insight into local life. 
Two-to-One course in the teacher’s home
The course in the teacher’s home is also available for 2 people, work colleagues or friends, travelling together. You will need to have a similar language level and, of course, the same interests and objectives. 
Sabbatical course
If you are ready to take some time out from your career, a language course aboard may be the perfect option. Develop skills for life while having fun, and come back with something positive on your CV. 
In-company course
Contact us to find out more about the options for an in-company course for your staff.