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Course Plus Culture

Course Plus Culture: Language courses abroad

In every country, there’s a special relationship between language and culture: one of them always influences the other. If you embrace the culture of your host country, your journey towards learning the language will be much quicker and more fun!

Our Language Plus Culture programs give you the chance to learn your chosen language while getting to understand the culture that’s grown around it. From gastronomy and art to history and politics – your new language will help you understand the background behind all of them while giving you real–world language skills. 

Learning and experiencing the culture of your host country means that you won't just learn the language – you’ll live the language! So get ready to gain a greater appreciation of the world and return home as a more confident speaker of your chosen language.

ESL course plus culture language courses abroad French

French Plus Culture: Food, wine and society

What do you think of when you hear about French culture? It’s likely that food, wine, art and history are somewhere on that list – and you would be right! Through our partner schools in Paris, Antibes or Bordeaux, you'll get to experience all of the finer points of French culture that you find most interesting. Whether it's the world-famous food and wine or the groundbreaking, societal leaps in history, France is your place to be and your French language classes are your ticket to experiencing it!

ESL course plus culture language courses abroad Italian

Italian Plus Culture: Food, wine and exploration

Italy is a country that has more or less everything: fascinating history, beautiful art, tasty food, sophisticated wine and natural beauty. It’s only fitting that a cultural program in Italy should include all of this – that’s why our partner school in Siena does! Through wine tastings, cooking workshops, museum visits and excursions – you’ll get to experience all levels of Italian culture while learning the language that inspired it all!

ESL course plus culture language courses abroad Japanese

Japanese Plus Culture: Traditional and Pop culture

From the ancient arts of Origami and Zazen meditation to the modern trends of manga and ramen – Japanese culture has always travelled far and has been enjoyed by many. Through our partner schools in Tokyo, Kyoto and Fukuoka, you’ll have the choice to learn the sacred roots of Japanese culture or the exciting society it has become. Through both the old arts and the new, you’ll start to get a deeper appreciation of the beautiful language that is Japanese! 

ESL course plus culture language courses abroad Spanish

Spanish Plus Culture: Hispanic culture

As a language, Spanish is both energetic and passionate in the way that it’s spoken. As such, it has left a number of distinct and vibrant cultures across the countries that it has reached. A prime example of this is the rich culture of the Dominican Republic. From bachata music and Caribbean cooking to fascinating local legends – you can embrace this unique culture while learning Spanish in either the buzzing metropolis of Santo Domingo or the laid-back surfer village of Sosua.

ESL course plus culture language courses abroad English

English PLUS culture: Virtual culture journey

Who says you need to leave your country to embrace a new culture? Through our virtual partner school, you have the opportunity to learn English in a way that embraces the outside world. Through real-world, topic-centred lessons and virtual tours across the English-speaking world, you can have a multi-national English class from the comfort of your own home!

ESL course PLUS Culture language course korean

Korean Plus Culture: Tradition, history, and beauty

Korea is a country filled with a rich history and fascinating traditions, all of which revolves around its language. Through our Korean Plus Culture course in Seoul, you’ll get to learn all the customs that make Korea such a fascinating and unique country through lessons, activities, and excursions throughout the city. Korea is a treasure chest of cultural riches to discover and from your language lessons, you’ll get the tools to make the most of it!


One of the cornerstones of modern Korean culture is its beauty “revolution” as many of the modern beauty techniques that have hit the globe have originated from Korea. For students who want to develop their career in the beauty industry, starting in Korea means getting an edge on some of the most well-respected knowledge on the market. Our partner school in Korea will teach you all the skills at the forefront of K-beauty including hairstyling, nail treatments and skincare – alongside the language skills to bring it all together. This course is your chance to be a part of the K-beauty revolution! 

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