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Professional diplomas in Marketing

Professional diplomas in Marketing

Marketing is a rapidly growing field that appeals to many professionals – whether you’re looking for opportunities to use your creativity to make engaging images and videos, or to create intuitive websites with your IT skills. Every company needs effective marketing to reach its client base, so your professional diploma can take you far, no matter which industry you choose to pursue.

Your success in marketing will depend on your ability to communicate and connect with your global audience. That’s why having a high level of English is a crucial skill for marketers to get an edge in the job market. When you study for a marketing certificate in one of our English destinations, you’ll take your language skills to the highest level as you learn industry-related vocabulary in the classroom and immerse yourself in the language after class.

When you’re looking to start your marketing career, international work experience can be an impressive addition to your CV –  setting you apart from other candidates. When you study marketing with our partners in Canada, you’ll have the option of taking a full-time paid internship or a half-time job related to your area of study during your programme. 

Develop your marketing skills and learn to create an engaging English brand voice by taking your professional marketing certificate abroad with ESL.

Diploma in Digital Marketing – Social Media Professional (26 - 48 weeks)

Enrolling in this programme will provide you with a fundamental basis to pursue a career in social media marketing. You will learn how to make a variety of strategies across several digital platforms backed by robust metrics and analytics. The programme offers a mix of classroom learning and practical job search training, which will equip students with the skills necessary to excel in their new careers.

Diploma in Digital Marketing: Website Management and Design (48 weeks)

This programme offers an in-depth understanding of the intricacies of web development. By enrolling, you will gain proficiency in creating a WordPress website and customizing it based on SEO and audience analysis. The programme blends traditional classroom instruction with practical job search training to equip students with the skills required to embark on their new career path.

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