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Private Lessons at the Teacher's Home

Study and Live at the teacher’s home: Fast and Flexible language learning

Are your language goals too ambitious for a classic group programme? Are you looking for an alternative to a traditional language classroom? Do you have a specific objective in mind and need a focussed environment with personalised support?  There’s  a way to hit your targets quickly and efficiently, without setting foot in a school: live and study at your teacher’s house with ESL.

These immersive language programmes abroad match learners with an experienced language teacher in the country of their choice. The result? A personalised learning experience that delivers the fastest possible language progress. 

Accelerate your learning with ESL at the teacher’s home

About the courses

  • A choice of 15, 20, 25 or 30 teaching hours per week — a truly immersive language course.
  • Open to participants of all levels, with no age limit.
  • Language immersion from first thing in the morning to last thing at night.
  • Live, study and explore the destination with an authentic guide to local culture.
  • Full board provided.
  • Also available in 1-to-2 configuration for 2 students of similar level and common interests. 
  • Personalised tuition, tailored to your needs — the fastest way to achieve your goals.


We offer our “at the teacher’s home” courses in a wide variety of destinations across the world. Our partner teachers often live in smaller towns or in the suburbs of larger cities, this will offer you a unique and authentic experience of local life, not just the generic “tourist trail”. However, your host will make an excellent guide for when you feel like exploring the iconic sights of your area. With more than 25 years of experience in language travel, ESL can help you find the destination that best suits your goals, as well as your budget

Why live at the teacher’s home?

  • Personalised lessons to meet your objectives in the fastest and most efficient way possible. 
  • Matching your profile with experienced native teachers. We will learn your interests and passions to find a teacher who shares a lot in common. 
  • Practical language use. From breakfast to dinner, every occasion is perfect to practise!
  • Comfort and convenience. Avoid commuting and choose the hours that work best for you; home is your classroom.
  • No age or level limit. Our at the teacher’s programmes can be suited for anyone!

This programme is perfect for…

  • Anyone looking for the most authentic and complete cultural immersion.
  • Learners with limited time and specific needs such as language for business, a specific professional sector or students who are preparing for an upcoming exam.
  • Students who don’t thrive in the traditional classroom setting.
  • Learners with a disability — some of our teachers specialise in providing education to students with a physical or learning disability.
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Want to hear more about what we can do for you? Reach out to us for more information, you’ll be under no obligation to book! If you’d rather read more about our courses and destinations, don’t hesitate to ask for your free brochure.

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