50 Plus, Accommodation
50 Plus


Language courses for seniors: Accommodation

Host family
This is the most popular accommodation option. Our partner school carefully selects local hosts who live within a reasonable distance of the school. The exact distance varies depending on your destination – large cities typically involve a commute. Be sure to let us know if you have any specific requests (animals, children, special diet, smoking, etc.), and the school will take these into account when finding a host for you.
The hosts are not necessarily traditional families, but could be couples, retirees with spare rooms, or various other setups. This accommodation option usually includes half-board.

Staying with a host family encourages you to use your language skills all day long, and in authentic contexts. There is no better way to discover the local culture than by living with locals. 
Other accommodation options
Other options include hotels, a residence, a private studio or a shared apartment. Contact us for more information.