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    ESL – Language studies abroad won Star Agency Western Europe for the third time at the 2014 STM Star Awards. 


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New Zealand is the perfect opposite country from Switzerland (on the planet) and I heard the landscape and beaches were amazing. When I arrived I felt very quickly well integrated and the atmosphere in the class was really nice. When I arrived in NZ I could not speak any English as I haven`t learnt at school. I started at Elementary level and I am now in Intermediate which is a good achievement for me. Now I feel more comfortable to speak in the city, ask things in shops and understand when local people talk to me. The teachers, they are amazing. They helped me to reach my target. I lived in Berlin before, so you can imagine that it was easy to adapt in such a small city as Auckland. I went to the Museum to discover about the Maori culture, I took the ferry a few times to visit Devonport, Waiheke Island. I think it is a nice city, the way of living is very nice and people are easy going and easy to approach. Now I am heading up North, in Waipu, for 2 weeks as I found a job as a technical carpenter, which is matching with my diploma and my work in Switzerland. It is so exciting to do this here in NZ as I will be able to put this down on my CV. After that I am planning on buying a Campervan and travel around NZ for 2 weeks. Then I will head to Tasmania for a week and travel around Australia for a month, before heading back home in May as I have to go back to work at some stage.

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It’s a beautiful town with a lot of friendly people. Not too dangerous, this town is crowded of students and it’s really nice to live here ! An advice to give : be careful of the seagulls ! The school is really good, all the people who work there are really nice. The courses are interesting and I learned a lot ! Thank you British Study Centres ! I also met a lot of great students from different countries and I intend to keep in touch with them ! I think it’s not enough to come here less than 3 months ; in 2-3 weeks or 1 month, you can’t learn a lot… I think it’s an amazing experience of life, and this allows to meet new people, to learn a language that most of the world knows. Brighton is a town of students and I hope it will stay like this !

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I stayed in EC Cambridge two and a half months and I wish I could stay much longer. I would recommend this school because everybody here is really nice. The staff members are happy to help you if you need and the teachers are really kind. Every six weeks we have a test which helps you to see how much you’ve improved your skills and if your results are good you can change class and go to a higher level. It’s really useful if you decided to stay a long time. General classes are really interesting but what I preferred was intensive class because the teacher I had is the best in the school! J Some people would say that Cambridge is a bit dull but if you know where to go you can have fun. I spent some Tuesday evenings at the Tenpin Bowling and that was the best choice I’ve ever made. The rest of the city is full of nice pubs like the Eagle or the Regal. I lived in a host family which was not so far from school and that was really convenient. I met so many wonderful people here, it was really awesome, the best experience of my life. Thank you so much, EC Cambridge!

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