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Travel to over 250 destinations

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Language courses abroad for 30+

Language programme for people over 30
Are you professionally active and want to refresh your language skills (or finally start learning a language) while enjoying a holiday or educational leave? We're launching a new concept exclusively for you: language stays for students over 30.
The 30+ courses have an innovative formula to meet the increasing demand from those who are no longer in their 20s but still love discovering new things, enjoying life, networking and meeting people. To be admitted, you only need to be over age 30 and willing to learn or improve a language. If that's your case, go for it and discover our programmes made especially for you:
ESL - 30 Plus
Language stays specifically designed for participants over 30 will allow you to:
  • Benefit from good language courses with people who share your interests.
  • Broaden your network by meeting students from different cultures and walks of life.
  • Leave your daily routine, whether it be work or studies.
  • Enjoy active holidays and discover a new culture through a language.
  • Make quick progress to reach your language goals.
  • Boost your potential in a globalized world.
  • Invest in your future!
ESL - 30 Plus
Discover our training centres for 30+ courses
London Kaplan International 30+
Fine-tune your English skills with other 30+ students and dive into the very heart of Central London! Not only you’ll be learning the language in a stimulating environment, but you’ll also be walking distance from all the main attractions of this wonderful city.
London Notting Hill 30+
With over 100 years’ experience, the London School of English offers high-standard business training for young professionals, in the beautiful area of Notting Hill. Make the most of the stimulating environment and the lively neigbourhood, whilst enjoying the company of other 30+ students.
London Camden - Kentish Town 30+
Also all year long, our partner school TTI School of English offers you a 30+ programme near Camden Town, one of London’s trendiest neighbourhoods.
Wimbledon School of English 30+
It doesn’t get any more British than Wimbledon! Housed in a typical British Victorian terraced building, you’ll have the privilege of studying the Queen’s English surrounded by classmates your age and with similar interests and backgrounds. Visit in July, and you may even be able to witness the legendary Wimbledon tennis tournament!
Canterbury 30+
A medieval town that looks very British, this beautiful student town is located at the heart of Kent County. London being one hour away by train, Canterbury is on the top of the list of the most popular towns for a 30+ stay. Our partner school will welcome you in a classy and stimulating environment.
Liverpool 30+
Central location, friendly environment, dynamic lessons, and plenty of students your age: this is what you’ll find in this exciting 30+ programme in Liverpool! You’ll live a very British experience while enjoying a special international vibe.
Portsmouth 30+
Within walking distance of the city centre and the beach, this school offers English courses for 30+. You will learn the language with people your age and will enjoy the university’s fitness room in you free time. And for your weekend’s excursions, London is 2 hours away by bus!
Dublin 30+
Imagine this: taking an exciting English course with students your own age and then heading off together after class to shop till you drop on Grafton Street, have a Guinness or a cup of tea in Temple Bar, or check out a rowdy rugby match. Ireland awaits!
New York 30+
A perfect destination for thirty-somethings, the city that never sleeps will allow you to combine your interests, whatever they may be, with the improvement of your English. In the heart of Manhattan, you will be able to discover New York off the beaten tracks.
Toronto 30+
With Lake Ontario as the backdrop, Toronto offers a great lifestyle and exciting nightlife, not to mention its fantastic diversity and awesome cultural scene. You'll love your 30+ stay in Toronto!
Vancouver 30+
Learn English in this stunning coastal Canadian city while surrounded by other students with similar ages and interests. Just steps from Vancouver’s hip Gastown neighbourhood, there’s no better place to take your English to the next level!
30+ in Brisbane
Australia’s capital of cool is the ideal backdrop for an English course with your peers. Head off into Brisbane for coffee at the city’s famous cafés, live music at the alternative concert halls or sun and sand at Streets Beach!
Malta 30+
Enjoy a 30+ stay in Malta and revitalize yourself under the sun while you discover an island full of charm and its typically Mediterranean lifestyle. The classes can be business focused or just to boost your general English.
An advantage: a kindergarten is offered to the families in which parents attend a 30+ course (available in the summer for a surcharge.
30+ in Gold Coast
If learning English while meeting new, interesting people your own age is your goal, start planning your language stay in Gold Coast. This urban beach town on the Australian coast is the perfect place for your study abroad adventure.
Melbourne 30+
Improve your language skills with other 30+ students in a stimulating and relaxed environment! The cosmopolitan city of Melbourne is the perfect mix of culture and fun… Take advantage of the school’s ideal location and explore its every corner!
30+ in Valencia
You will be able to enjoy the exceptional climate and cultural heritage of Valencia, while attending Spanish classes with people like you: dynamic thirty-somethings eager to learn new things and to improve their language.
Please note that some younger students might be integrated in this programme. The school guarantees that at least 30% of the students in the class will be over 30 at some specific starting dates.
30 + Courses in summer
30+ summer session in Ireland
In July and August, we offer 30+ courses in the heart of two of the most beautiful Irish towns: Dublin and Galway. Immerse in the trendy and cosmopolitan atmosphere of the Irish capital or discover the more traditional Galway and its legendary history – or combine both destinations by choosing an “East Coast/West Coast” stay.
Please note that these courses are, in principle, attended by participants in their thirties. Some younger students might be integrated in this programme that will nonetheless remain mostly attended by people in their thirties.
Whether it be to boost your career or broaden your horizons in a more personal approach – the 30+ ESL courses are a golden opportunity!
ESL - 30 Plus
To complete our 30+ offer, the individual programme Courses in the teacher’s home is particularly popular among thirty-somethings. A customized teaching that takes into account your rhythm and your specific interests!
ESL - 30 Plus
A question? Contact us, we will be delighted to give you more information about the different programmes to make progress in languages after 30. Are you hesitating? Discover now the 30 good reasons to learn a language after 30 or why 30 is the perfect age to learn a language.