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With everything from football to dancing; barbecue evenings to painting, the leisure programme is your chance to further improve your language skills while having fun. Activities coordinators organise the rich programme of sports, arts, games and cultural activities, and oversee them to ensure the safety of all participants.

As well as campus-based activities, you can enjoy a whole range of excursions to help you discover the country in which you are staying. You will really get to know your fellow students while practising the language in context.

An exciting leisure programme is an essential part of your stay.


Sports & leisure
Each afternoon, a whole range of sports are available, for example football, ultimate frisbee, swimming, beach volleyball, basketball, surfing and many more. Other popular activities include competitions, treasure hunts, tournaments, workshops and board games – there is really something for all tastes.
Taking part in a wide range of activities is an excellent way to practice your language skills

Sports with professional training
Certain schools offer an enhanced sports programme where you can focus on a favourite sport in more depth, with input from qualified trainers. Popular options include football, tennis, golf, horse riding, diving and surfing. 


Expert supervision
Overseeing the leisure programme, the activities coordinators have a mix of enthusiasm, energy and maturity; while a large part of their job is ensuring that students are having fun, they are also there to look after learners.
The optional sports courses are given by qualified and experienced specialist instructors. 


Intercultural adventures
Whether you want to stay in the big city or by the beach; at an alpine resort or on another continent, we have a destination for you. Once you arrive, you will enjoy an exciting activities programme to give you the best of the location, and an authentic insight into local culture. As well as being fun, the activities are designed to stimulate your imagination.
Many visits are included in the price of your stay, whilst others are available as optional extras.
Studying a language abroad, you will make friends from all corners of the world. Your phone will be going crazy with notifications long after you get home!



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Louise Dornier, France
Louise Dornier, France

I choose Oxford because last year I went to Canterbury and for this summer I wanted to go in a summer camp with older people. In class, we learned the past perfect, modal verbs, present perfect, present simple, present continuous, history about King Arthur and Buckingham. The excursion in Bath was interesting, Portsmouth was very cool because of the sun and the big tower. The Laser Quest was funny, too. I will remember the really good friends I met from Germany, Italy, and Turkey and Saudi Arabia. People are very friendly with each other! Nobody was shy, all wanted to speak English and meet new friends. I liked the excursions, the school had very interesting games. It’s a good city centre with friendly people and the site was comfortable and clean.

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Clara Disaro, France
Clara Disaro, France

“I didn’t want to go to a big city like London, so Canterbury suited me very well. The benefit of learning English in England is improving my pronunciation! I loved exploring cool cities that I’ve never been to before, like Oxford. My favourite activities were the Karaoke night, because it was funny, and the disco, of course! My new friends came from Germany, Spain, Italy and France and I really hope that I will stay in contact with them when we go back home! I would definitely recommend it to my friends and family as it is well organised and I’ve really enjoyed my time here. My advice to my friends who are thinking about coming here is to not always stay with people from your country, and to have friends who finish on the same day, as it’s so sad when we have to say goodbye before my time is up at Canterbury!”

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Laura Gillard, Belgium
Laura Gillard, Belgium

My trip to NY was really unbelievable! The campus (Queens) was really beautiful, we lived in a TV series! I had extraordinary encounters with students of many different nationalities. The understanding with Amy, the director and staff of the school was awesome! I thank ESL for the two best weeks of my life.

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