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Whether you're new to the field of education or an experienced teacher, our language teacher training will take your career to the next level!

Training for language teachers

Enjoy an active holiday with career benefits: combine a teacher-training course with a stay in an exciting destination. In partnership with accredited teacher training centres in superb international locations, we offer language teacher development courses, for experienced teachers and new teachers, whether native speakers or non-native speakers. Refreshing your skills can be a pleasure.

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Initial teacher training courses & refresher courses
For new teachers, an initial teacher-training course provides the skills, knowledge and hands-on teaching practice you need to be a successful language teacher. The courses include topics such as classroom control, lesson planning and learner psychology, along with time in front of a real class.
Language teacher refresher courses often focus on a specific area of the craft, such as technology in the classroom or CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning). We also offer a range of general refresher courses, ideal for brushing up on the latest methodology and giving your teaching career a boost.
Courses for native & non-native speakers
Within our range of language teacher training courses, you will find options for native and non-native speakers. Courses designed for non-native speakers generally include some language tuition alongside the more technical aspects of teaching. This option is ideal if you find yourself out of daily contact with the language you teach.
Refresher courses offer the chance to meet language teachers from other countries. Studying in a country where the language is spoken adds authenticity to the experience.