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Initial Teacher Training

Initial Teacher Training - Language teacher training abroad

Working as a language teacher
As a teacher, you can meet people from many different cultures who are learning the language you teach for a whole range of reasons. You will meet interesting and diverse people every day. How many jobs can you honestly say that about? Language teaching is a flexible and rewarding job. You can find specialist areas of language teaching to fit with your interests, for example younger learners or teaching languages for business. A qualification in teaching languages is a ticket to the world; anywhere that people want to learn your language, your skills are in demand and there is work waiting for you.
The importance of the right language teaching qualification
An internationally-recognised teaching qualification puts you at the front of the queue for jobs. That’s a fact. Schools and employers around the world know that qualified teachers have spent time with a class, have studied student behaviour and the key concepts that make a good language teacher. But, more importantly, the right course will give you the skills, knowledge and confidence that form the basis of good teaching. We only work with top quality teacher training centres. Whether you are new to teaching or want to improve your skills, you can be confident of working with acknowledged experts.
Who are initial language teacher training courses for?
Initial language teacher training courses can be useful whether you are new to teaching or are already working and feel that you would benefit from formal teacher training. Many courses are suitable for teachers with at least an upper intermediate level of the language they speak (B2 on the Common European Framework of Reference). Certain courses are targeted at native and near-native speakers. These focus less on language skills and more on methodology.
Combining a language teaching qualification with travel
We offer the chance to combine your teaching qualification with travel to some of the most interesting and exciting destinations in the world where you can immerse yourself in the language you want to teach. Not only will you learn from language teachers with years of practical experience, but you can get a taste for the lifestyle of a language teacher.
Advanced/refresher courses for language teachers
If you are already working as a foreign language teacher and would like to refresh your skills and knowledge, there are plenty of options available for you. Share tips with other language teachers and explore the newest methodologies. Find out more about refresher courses here.