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Refresher Teacher Training

Refresher Teacher Training

Learning a language from a passionate, skilled teacher can, and quite probably will, change the course of students' lives. More than any other subject, you, as the teacher, create a link to other cultures and people; you can set of a spark of inspiration in eager minds. Your expert teaching skills make this happen.
Advanced & refresher courses for language teachers
We all need a refresher every now and then. One of the hardest things about being a foreign language teacher is that you can find yourself working “in a bubble”, with little inspiration or input from outside your own classroom. If you don’t regularly meet people who have mastered the language you teach, where can you find new ideas to further improve your skills? By taking a refresher course, you can fine tune your technique with expert trainers and exchange knowledge with other experienced teachers from around the world. We offer courses for both native and non-native speakers. Best of all, with ESL you can combine the refresher course with travel and immerse yourself in the language and culture you teach. The EU might even pay for it, if you plan well in advance*. Take an active holiday with ESL... you and your students will feel the benefits.
Why take a refresher course?
  • Fine tune your skills and update your knowledge of current methodologies with expert trainers
  • Immerse yourself in the language and culture you teach. Our courses combine training with travel, so you can brush up your methodology while totally surrounded by the language you teach
  • Combine an active holiday with career development
  • Get back to the source of the language you teach and re-engage with it
  • Meet fellow professional language teachers from around the world, watch how they work and be inspired. Only serious teachers take a refresher
Who are refresher courses for?
Refresher courses are suitable for anyone who has been teaching languages for a year or more. There are two broad categories of refresher course offered:

1) Short term courses lasting between two and six weeks. These courses are available for teachers with a high standard of the language they teach, but not necessarily native or near-native speakers. Some courses touch on refreshing both language proficiency and methodology while others focus on a specific element of teaching methodology in depth, according to the teachers’ needs.

2) Long term courses, which are the equivalent of a higher education qualification. These typically take upwards of nine months to complete. They include elements of in-service practical training. They are suitable for teachers with an advanced level of the language they teach (C1 or higher on the Common European Framework of Reference).
What is the experience like?
You will work closely with a group of fellow professionals, under the guidance of expert teacher trainers. Refresher courses attract teachers who take their craft seriously and you will find yourself working with a focused group. That doesn’t mean that it is all work and no play – swapping stories and anecdotes after a long day is definitely part of the experience. Teachers who have completed a refresher course generally agree that it is an intense experience that gave them a new enthusiasm for teaching.
Thinking of Becoming a Language Teacher?
We have a range of initial training packages for anyone considering language teaching as a career. You can combine a recognised teaching qualification from a leading teacher training centre with immersion in the language that you want to teach. Find out more here.

*Under the European Union’s Comenius scheme, language teachers can be provided with funding for projects that encourage stronger ties between member states. In the right circumstances, this includes training and qualification. We are here to help you with the application process. Find out more here.