Long term study in immersion: Volunteer work abroad

Language Course & Volunteer work abroad
If you are looking for an action-packed holiday or wish to get involved in a local community project, then volunteering to work abroad fills the gap which often exists between the country’s population and visiting tourists. It is a useful experience, which combines language learning in the country itself with working for a really worthwhile project. Whether in Latin America, South Africa, India, Russia or elsewhere in the world, the principle is the same: get involved in a locally run project and live with the local community. It is an effective and unique way to learn a language which you will find rewarding from both a linguistic and interpersonal point of view.  
First stage: language course
On arrival at your destination, you will first be attending an intensive language course. Its aim is to help you acquire and develop your language skills in order to enable you to live and work confidently in your new environment. This first stage of the programme helps you familiarise yourself with an unusual situation and gives you the tools to communicate easily. This way, you will be able to establish long-standing relationships with the locals in your chosen country.
Second stage: volunteer work
A volunteering programme is an experience where you share, learn and communicate in day to day activities. You will benefit from unforgettable and rewarding experiences on a human, professional and cultural level. The location and diversity of the participants create opportunities for exchanges not only within the local communities but also with other volunteers from many different backgrounds.
A range of projects
Volunteer jobs enable you to work in various sectors, such as social, education, health, ecotourism and sustainable development. Your commitment to the project will be awarded with a detailed understanding of the local culture. It is therefore essential to have a good command of the language. By practising and using your language skills “on site”, your contribution to the volunteer projects will be a positive and memorable way to discover the country and its population.
A unique experience
If you are looking for real contact with the local population and want to learn the language, the Language Course & Volunteer Work programme is the perfect solution. It is a method based on practice, which requires commitment but rewards participants thanks to the quality of the contacts established with the locals and the knowledge of the country. 

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