Learn Hungarian in Hungary

Hungary is a country of music lovers who enjoy good food and good wine. At the crossroads between the East and the West, this boisterous and joyful nation loves celebrating.

Its language is closer to Finnish than to the languages spoken by its next door neighbours, which makes its origins slightly mysterious. The Hungarians love its vowel harmony which goes so well with the country’s traditional music, inspired by the frenzied rhythms of Central Asia and whirling gypsy improvisations.
Renaissance and baroque castles, art nouveau cafés, medieval fortresses, mosques, Viennese pastries, oriental spices…the joy of discovery is everywhere in Hungary. The Hungarians, also known as Magyars, always have a smile on their faces when their thinking about the future. This people has lived through a succession of highs and lows and learnt one single lesson from them: live each moment to the fullest. They are cradled by music born somewhere in the Carpathians, which perfectly translates their everlasting hope for freedom.
Budapest, the magnificent capital, is among the world’s most beautiful cities. The Pearl of the Danube is divided in two and is a play of contrasts from one riverbank to the next. In the old town of Buda, you will find the citadel, painted houses and a stronghold of fishermen. Pest, on the other side of the Danube, is founded on economic activities and houses the parliament. Evenings in Budapest are lively and happy, always accompanied by music, spicy meals and wines. An alternative arts scene was born in the 1970s as an expression of political dissidence, and today it organises shows, film screenings, concerts and impromptu parties in the courtyards of the city centre’s apartment buildings.
Spread throughout the country, the thermal springs bring together young and old alike in a whirlwind of steam. Warm, relaxed and happy, between two games of chess on a floating board, the Hungarians wouldn’t swap places with anyone!

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