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English courses in England for adults


England has been a go-to destination for language learning for a long time, and it's no surprise! Learning English in England as an adult is a fantastic way to be surrounded by the language every day and quickly pick up those important skills. At ESL, we've been helping students learn English in England for over 20 years, giving them a chance to really get to know the country responsible for the world's most spoken language.


English study destinations in England

Why should you choose to do an adult English course in England?

The UK is the oldest and one of the most influential countries that speak English. It is also a diverse and varied tapestry of culture, scenery and dialect compacted into a single, small country. Choosing to pursue an adult English course in the UK could see you explore the highlands of Scotland, the rolling hills of Northern Ireland, the beautiful landscapes of Wales or the vibrant centre of it all: England.


Why should I learn English in England? 

England has a bunch of English language schools, thanks to its big role in the English-speaking world. Whether you fancy the charm of Cambridge, the hustle of London, or the unique vibes of Manchester up north, there's a perfect place for you to study in England. And hey, despite its reputation for rainy days, choosing an adult English course in England might just bring you some unexpected sunshine and warmth!

Frequently asked questions about learning English in England

Why should you choose to do an English course in the UK?

The biggest reason is pretty straightforward: England is where English was born! Every year, heaps of people come here to soak up the genuine English experience, attracted by its top-notch education standards known worldwide. By signing up for an English language course in England, you'll not only boost your language skills but also get a taste of the diverse people, accents, and traditions that make England so unique.

Plus, England and the rest of the UK are all linked by an excellent transport system, so you can travel around and really get to know this amazing country!

Why choose ESL to learn English in England?

For over twenty years, we've been helping students learn English in England, and with ESL, you've got options! We have schools in 20 different locations across the country, so wherever you want to study, we've got you covered. Whether you're into the historical charm of Bath, the buzzing atmosphere of Brighton, or the academic vibe of Cambridge and Chester, our partner schools are chosen with care to make sure you reach your goals while having a blast! And with ESL, you'll get free, personalised support from start to finish, making sure your English course in England is unforgettable.

Can an adult English course in England help your career?

Enhancing your English skills in the birthplace of the language offers a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in authentic language and culture. This experience not only improves your communication abilities but also provides insight into British workplace dynamics and customs. Additionally, studying in England demonstrates adaptability and cultural awareness to potential employers, particularly those with international operations.

Which city should you choose?

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