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Italian school in Verona

Idea Verona

Italian school in Verona

Idea Verona

Idea Verona

The language school in Italy is situated in an ancient building dating back to the 1500s, within the historical heart of fair Verona. The vibrant and historic surroundings give students the impression that they’re jumping back in time to the Italian renaissance! Besides its beauty and history, the neighbourhood is well connected with transport links and hosts several shops, restaurants, and cafes for students to enjoy. The school itself hosts 7 classrooms, each equipped with a classic whiteboard and capable of holding 30 students per group. The school offers free WIFI, a library and a multipurpose room to aid learning. Students can spend their free time socialising with their friends in the on-campus lounge or taking part in the school-organised activities to explore the magical city of Verona.

School Highlights

Idea Verona
Italian school in Verona
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Key points

  • A historic city with a very good quality of life
  • Proximity to the major cities of Northern Italy
  • Language courses + cultural outings
  • Students with various profiles and nationalities

School facts

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ESL Bildungsurlaub accreditation

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ESL schools guarantee the same excellent standards for accommodation as they do for teaching. We take great pleasure in helping you find the most suitable accommodation for you.


Host Family

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Students who are wanting to have a truly immersive Italian student experience will be able to stay with a local host family for the duration of their study period. Host families in Verona are located no more than a 30-minute walk from class and provide a comfortable, safe, and authentic experience. Students can expect a single room will be the only international guest in the home (unless traveling with another student). The bedrooms are furnished with a bed, wardrobe, desk and will have WIFI available. Students have the option to receive breakfast or breakfast and lunch from their host family. Linen and towels will be provided to the student for free however laundry will carry a cost of 4-5 euros per load. Overall this accommodation option is perfect for students who would like to receive a warm welcome to Verona and get a real sense of the Italian way of living.

Shared apartment or studio


More independent students can opt for an accommodation in shared apartments near the school (about 30 minutes by foot away from the school).You will be provided with a single room and will share the apartment either with the owner (a single person or a couple) or with other students (available mainly in the summer). You will share the bathroom, the kitchen and the living room with your flatmates. Bedlinen and towels are supplied on-site free of charge.

For the students who would prefer to live on their own, the school also offers studio apartments with kitchen facilities.


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