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English school in London

ISI Language School

English school in London

ISI Language School

ISI Language School

ISI Tokyo is located in the Takadanobaba district, a stone's throw from the Takadanobaba metro station. In this vibrant part of Shinjuku, you’re right in the centre of Tokyo. Universities, a large library, sports halls, cultural centres and a wide variety of restaurants and shops help make this one of the city’s most dynamic neighbourhoods. The large, modern language school has a welcoming atmosphere that attracts students from all over the world. In 20 comfortable classrooms, teachers use modern communicative techniques and technologies to make the learning of Japanese exciting. A large open plan lounge encourages lively discussions. Use the library to find information complementary to your Japanese course. A café serving hot food and vending machines for snacks and drinks are available. There is also hot water to prepare coffee and tea. Free Wi-Fi is available throughout the building. During the high season and depending on the number of participants, the school offers extra classrooms near the main course centre.

School Highlights

ISI Language School
English school in London
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Key points

  • Established school with a friendly atmosphere and excellent teachers
  • Central location in one of the world's largest cities

School facts

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Free Wifi

Student facts

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years old
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years old
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Student nationalities

      South Korea
      United States


ESL schools guarantee the same excellent standards for accommodation as they do for teaching. We take great pleasure in helping you find the most suitable accommodation for you.


Host family

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This is the ideal option if you wish to immerse yourself in daily Tokyo life. In a country with a very different culture, staying with a Japanese family can be a comfort and allows you to experience the lifestyle of a typical family from the Tokyo area. You will stay in a single room and receive half-board accommodation. The families live within an hour to 90 minutes of the course centre by public transport. A homestay can be a convenient option to get your bearings in Japan for the first few weeks. You then have the possibility of choosing another accommodation type among those offered by the school in order to discover a different, more independent way of living in Tokyo.



ISI Language School-Tokyo offers the chance to stay in a guesthouse (Warabi, Matsudo or Nerima). This is the option which is most often chosen by European students. You will have your own small bedroom and share the common areas (kitchen/dining area, laundry, showers, living room with TV and Wi-Fi) with the other residents. You will need to allow about 45 minutes by train to get to school and around 12,000 yen per month for transport costs.


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Depending on the duration of your stay in Japan, the school can offer you two pleasant residences located a short distance from public transport. Situated at about 25 minutes by train from the school, the Tokiwadai and Ekoda residences are available for stays of 2 weeks and upwards. You will have a single room with a private bathroom, air conditioning, free internet access, a TV, small refrigerator and telephone (receiving calls is free, but an extra charge applies for making calls). Cooking equipment is available at reception upon request. Microwave ovens, vending machines for drinks and newspapers as well as coin-operated laundry facilities are available on-site. Bed linen is provided.

Why choose our accommodation

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Guaranteed Accommodation

Finding the right accommodation can be stressful. That’s why we guarantee that we’ll find the perfect housing option for you before you even land in your destination.

Convenient Transport

Our accommodation is hand-picked to make sure your journey to the classroom is as safe, reliable, and smooth as possible.

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Safer and more comfortable

All of our accommodation options are rigorously screened to ensure you know exactly what you’re getting when you make the choice to book your program.