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Spanish school in Barcelona

Expanish 30+

Spanish school in Barcelona

Expanish 30+

Expanish 30+

Our partner school is in the stylish Barcelona neighbourhood of Eixample, surrounded by bars and restaurants; it is also just a short bus ride to the beach and walking distance from the famous Sagrada Familia. The campus is located in a beautifully traditional building, renovated in 2022, The campus is located in a beautifully traditional building, renovated in 2022 – it consists of a student common area and 7 bright classrooms each with a traditional whiteboard and able to hold 12 students maximum. Student comfort and convenience are a priority at the school, so WIFI and AC are available throughout the premises, and students can buy snacks and drinks on site. For students looking to dive deeper into Spanish culture, the school offers multiple free weekly activities – including wine tastings and architecture workshops. 

School Highlights

Expanish 30+
Spanish school in Barcelona
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Key points

  • Located in a historically traditional building with a recently renovated interior
  • Intimate school setting with personalised attention
  • A wide range of programmes, tailor made with several different goals and needs in mind
  • Engaging weekly activities designed for students to socialise and embrace their new surroundings

School facts

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Student nationalities

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ESL schools guarantee the same excellent standards for accommodation as they do for teaching. We take great pleasure in helping you find the most suitable accommodation for you.

Host family


Students who want to experience Spain in the most immersive environment possible will be able to live the authentic Spanish student experience with a host family. Each host family is carefully selected to ensure a safe and comfortable environment for each student, no more than 35 minutes away via public transport. Each house will house between 1- 4 students, each placed in either a single or double room (for students travelling together) with WIFI throughout the house. Students will be provided with half-board meals but no guaranteed access to the kitchen. Bed linen will be provided to students, which they can wash using the facilities at the residence. Overall this option is perfect for international students to get face-to-face with real Spanish student life.

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