Sabbatical year, Gap Year, Long stay: Language PLUS Cooking

Do you appreciate fine food and are you happy to help out with the cooking? You'll love our Language PLUS Cooking programmes all over the world! Combining language lessons and cooking workshops, these programme guarantee effective learning through practise and the pleasure of taste.

Get ready to explore world cuisine, sample tasty local produce and have a flavourful experience together with other aspiring cooks from all over the world. Focusing on pleasure and sharing, cooking workshops are an opportunity to apply the language skills learned in class and discover specific vocabulary while honing your cooking talents. This is the perfect recipe for consolidating your newly acquired knowledge.

Learning to prepare authentic, local dishes means further exploring the traditions and culture of your destination country. After learning the basics, you're free to improvise the recipe to suit your taste and put the cooking tips of your fellow international chefs to the test! 
English + cooking
In England, Jamie Oliver revolutionised the kitchen world with an innovative concept of shops/restaurants/workshops known as Recipease. Discover a brand new English cooking style by signing up for the “English + cooking” programme, which is offered in conjunction with our partner school in London.
Spanish + cooking
Tapas, vino y paella! Rich, colourful and flavourful, Spanish cuisine brings happiness to the kitchen. Discover the specialties of this fiery nation during exciting culinary workshops in Valencia or check out the Spanish PLUS cooking programme in sunny Malaga.
Italian + Cooking
How can you resist the mouth-watering flavours of Italian cooking, with its fresh produce grown under the Tuscan sun and generously covered with olive oil? In order to unveil the secret of this culinary art, passed down through generations, take part in the cooking workshops organised by our partner schools in Rome. The programme includes wine tasting and pasta- and sauce-making workshops.