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Language PLUS vocational studies

Gap Year: Language PLUS vocational studies

Spending a few months or even a gap year abroad is the perfect opportunity not only to study a foreign language, but also to study in that language. ESL offers exciting programmes around the world tailored to your language level, time availability and professional objectives. Whether it’s business, marketing, hospitality, beauty or other professional fields, you’ll be able to combine your language course with specialised programmes that will prepare you for an international career.
Our “Language PLUS vocational studies” programmes are the perfect way to put your language knowledge into practice with a precise goal in mind. While being fully immersed in your host country’s culture, you’ll have the chance to follow a specific career path in a foreign language. The diploma you’ll receive at the end of the course will be your passport to the professional world!
In many cases, you’ll receive onsite job search support so you can work part-time while you study. Contact us for more information.