Testimonials: EC, Santa Monica

Fikri Kaan KESKIN
Fikri Kaan KESKIN
EC, Santa Monica
Duration: 12 weeks

I decided to study English in Los Angeles because of the warm weather. I like the cultural side of Los Angeles and the variety of museums attracted me as well. Los Angeles has lots of places to see and explore.
I have met so many new people and friends, which I did not expect before I came here. I have also gotten to know American people through one of my classmates and from hanging out. By interacting with people, I have seen more clearly how different each culture can be. Meeting new people has been exciting, and this will be my best memory of my time here.
My speaking has especially improved. I can practice speaking English all the time here by talking with my friends as well as by meeting new people. Classes have been helping me improve my English a lot, too. Grammar is not a main focus in my classes, because my classmates and I all already have a good knowledge of English grammar, so it is not a problem to focus on other parts of English during classes. Regarding listening, it has improved, but I would say it has been refreshed more than improved.
The class standards are high. Discussions and debates during classes encourage deeper thought and involvement, both individually and as a group.

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