Testimonials: Linguadue, Milan

Daphne Haking
Daphne Haking
Linguadue, Milano
Duration: 11 weeks

Milano is a homey city with a lot of opportunities, it's the place to be! If you are looking for a more typical Italian city maybe you should choose a smaller city though like Verona for example. The school is located in the centre of Milano and had about 100 students at the time of my stay, which was perfect according to me. Since I was there only for 2,5 months I preferred a smaller school. Our teacher was called Nicoletta and we were 12 students from 10 different cultures in my lovely class. I have a great interest of culture so for me this was a lot of fun! Regarding the activities at the school they seemed cheaper if you arranged them yourself, so I did. It was not a problem, on the contrary a lot of fun, and suited me fine since I'm a very indepedent person. I made a lot of progress in Italian and I don't need anyone interpreting for me anymore. I prefer ESL to other agencies.

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