Sabbatical year, Gap Year, Long stay: Global Career Development

English course & immersion in the working world
In some of the world’s leading economic cities, combine English classes with practical training centred on your career development!
This exclusive programme will offer you a chance to identify your career path, gain in-depth insight into the local business world and learn from local business leaders, who are actively involved in the programme.

Available in England, Canada and the USA, the programme will give you a solid foundation for professional success through exposure to authentic professional situations in the English-speaking business world. You will come home with a local employer reference, an increased international network and an excellent command of English: three assets to increase your career prospects! 

Structure of the programme
The programme includes two independent modules of 8 weeks each. You may sign up for the complete programme (16 weeks) or take any module separately (see set start dates on school pages). 
ESL - Global Career Development
Module 1: Business Essentials
Get an overview of the key areas a company must focus on in order to thrive! Each week of this module will focus on a different area of the world of business, as you learn directly from industry experts through lectures and authentic case studies.
Programme of module 1:
- Examine areas such as strategic planning, finance, HR, digital marketing and operations
- Learn about real-life business situations through actual case studies
- Engage directly with local business professionals

Programme requirements:
Minimum language level: intermediate
Minimum age: 18 years
Set start dates
Duration: 8 weeks
Lessons per week: 30 (20 of general English + 10 of Business Essentials)
Study destinations: New YorkToronto, London
ESL - Global Career Development
Module 2: Career Skills in Action
Use the English language and your professional skills in an authentic business context. During this module, you will be actively involved with a local business, as you develop and implement a project to transform a business idea into reality.
Programme of module 2:
- Work with a team to see an authentic professional project through, from conception to completion
- Create a digital portfolio showcasing your background and your work
- Refine your networking skills as you engage directly with the local business community

Programme requirements:
Minimum language level: Upper intermediate
Minimum age: 18 years
Set start dates
Duration: 8 weeks
Lessons per week: 30 (20 of general English + 10 of Career Skills in Action)
Study destinations:  New York, Toronto, London
Sample projects completed as part of this programme:
- Sales & Marketing: designing, marketing and running an open house to drive business for a local wine and cheese store
- Customer Insight Management: collecting and analysing customer feedback for a local boutique and establishing a customer service strategy
- Digital Marketing: working with a local coffee shop to increase online awareness by designing and implementing social media campaigns 

To find out more and sign up for this programme, please get in touch.