Paid jobs in New Zealand

A pair of islands, first inhabited less than a millennium ago by a fortunate group of navigators known as the Maoris, perhaps New Zealand is not yet used to the presence of humans. Everywhere, from the snowy peaks (a mecca for snowboarders in July) to the volcanic plains and the forests of prehistoric trees, this country recalls a time when nature was wild and unconquered, taming those who dared to plunge into it.

As specialists in language courses in New Zealand, we have designed a combined Gap Year programme to allow you to earn some money while making the most of these beautiful islands. Jobs are available with a Working Holiday Visa or a student visa (from 14 weeks of courses). An English language course is your best chance to make your life and work experience in New Zealand a real success: the more comfortable you are speaking the local language, the more chances you have to find a job fitting your professional interests and the richer your experience will be. Upon arriving in New Zealand, a language course will help you refresh and enrich your language knowledge before dipping into the working world.

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