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Learn faster in total immersion! Choose from over 20 languages and more than 250 destinations for your language stay abroad.

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Studying a language abroad gives you so much more than language skills. It’s the fastest way to achieve fluency in a language, naturally, but this is also your chance to explore the world on your own terms, to meet new people and get beneath the surface of another culture. Whatever your goals or current language level, our award-winning team will help you have the experience of a lifetime.

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English courses

Early Bird offer – save up to € 500

The earlier your book your English course, the more you save!*     3 months before departure 4 months before departure 5 months or more before ...

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Duo offer – up to € 180 discount per participant

Book your language stay at the same time as one or more of your friends or relatives and ...

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Language programme for people over 30

Are you professionally active and want to refresh your language skills (or finally start learning a language) while ...

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About the programmes

Whether you are studying, working or you just love travelling, these communication-based courses will give you fast and measurable progress with speaking, listening, reading and writing. Choosing from 23 languages and more than 250 destinations, from 1 week to 48 weeks, your course will be customized according to your individual needs. Popular study options include:
  • Intensive language courses
  • Small group language courses
  • Exam preparation courses
  • Language for work
  • Language for specific purposes (electives)
  • One-to-one language courses 
  • Language PLUS courses with additional activities
  • Private language courses in the teacher’s home

Official exams

An official language certificate is an asset for your future, recognised by employers and academic institutions around the world. Some of the most important include:

We offer exams and preparation courses in destinations worldwide.