English PLUS Cooking in England: Language courses abroad

Is England the new trendsetter in gastronomic tourism?
An English culinary revolution has taken place in the last fifteen years. Far from the old clichés about British cuisine, modern British gastronomy is now represented by a new generation of talented, creative and risk-taking chefs, including Gordon Ramsey, Heston Blumenthal and Naked Chef Jamie Oliver.

With a huge range of flavours, innovative compositions and original techniques - England will gradually become a reference for discovering the latest culinary trends!
ESL - English PLUS Cooking in England
English + cooking in England: a well-seasoned programme!
ESL - Language Studies Abroad and British Study Centres launched the English PLUS cooking programme in 2011, to the delight of foodies everywhere. It combines English lessons with cooking workshops and provides for the discovery, preparation and tasting of some of the world's best specialties - while improving your English!

The courses
Every morning you take the lively and interactive English courses to develop your language skills in oral comprehension, vocabulary, reading, grammar, pronunciation, idiomatic expressions, oral and written expression, etc. The last morning lesson is devoted exclusively to oral expression and comprehension. This allows you to get the most from the cooking classes in the afternoon.

The cooking workshops
In addition to the 20 weekly English lessons, participants will have the opportunity to take funky cooking lessons! Three times per week (2 hours) in the afternoon or evening, workshops teach the learners self-confidence and inspiration, whether they are beginners or already know their way around a kitchen.
ESL - English PLUS Cooking in England
The lessons all follow the same pattern: first, the recipe is explained, then demonstrated and finally, here’s the best bit, tasted by all participants.

You have the choice between various topics such as:
- Chopping, cutting, slicing - it is about accuracy and speed in execution!
- Thai curry - how do you get the maximum flavour in a green curry?
- Bouillabaisse - the soup and croutons, as in Marseille!
- Master Pasta - cook fresh pasta with authenticity and creativity!
- Chilli, American style - these recipes went around the world!
- The perfect steak - from the butcher on the plate, perfection at all stages!

Aprons and utensils are provided. In addition, the students receive a glass of wine with food (a soft drink for under 18s).
ESL - English PLUS Cooking in England
Kitchen venue
In Central London’s hip Notting Hill, the workshops are taught by experienced cooks, in the boutique restaurant of a renowned chef.
ESL - English PLUS Cooking in England
Read the comment by Alesandra (right in photo), a Brazilian student who has participated in English PLUS cooking:

"I'm a chef in Brazil and wanted to attend the cooking classes during my language study at the school British Study Centres. I wanted to learn new recipes and discover a new way of cooking to be able to apply what they have taught later in Brazil. I loved the classes, because I could prepare tasty dishes that I've never cooked. I participated in the courses The Perfect Steak, Thai Green Curry, Filled Pasta, Pasta Masterclass and South Indian Curry. "

Is your mouth watering? Contact us for more information on the course.