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English PLUS Dance in New York

Language courses and schools abroad: English PLUS Dance in New York

A language study trip to the Big Apple is an adventure in itself. Add to that the opportunity to attend a course at one of the most famous dance studios in New York and you have a winning combination! This course dives into the eventful history of Broadway from the countless stars and talents who have emerged over the years.
ESL - English PLUS Dance in New York
A collaboration between ESL and EC New York and EC New York 30+ the English PLUS dance programme combines English tuition with dance lessons at the prestigious Broadway Dance Center. Live your passion and be motivated by the dance teachers and their infectious energy!
ESL - English PLUS Dance in New York
Our partner school EC is right on Time Square and provides excellent infrastructure in a stimulating work environment. You will take 20 English lessons per week of 45 minutes. After the language training you slip into your leggings and your funkiest T-shirt and take to the dance classes at Broadway Dance Centre, which is only a few minutes away from the school!

Be inspired by the urban rhythms and hip-hop and jazz choreography! Dance with fellow dancers and enjoy the unique setting in the heart of New York. The Broadway Dance Center is a very prestigious institution and their dance teachers are indisputably among the best in the city.
ESL - English PLUS Dance in New York
The dance centre is large and has an impressive number of dance teachers. You will easily find a course that corresponds to your level - in the chosen category, and at the time that suits you. The cosmopolitan character of the dance centre will surely inspire you. Here you will meet people from all over the world and make new friends in the New York community!
ESL - English PLUS Dance in New York
In New York, your daily routine looks like this:

4 English lessons of 45 minutes, from 08:45 to 12:00 or from 14:30 to 17:45
1 dance lesson of 90 minutes in the morning, afternoon or evening (the schedule will be determined locally according to the selected dance class and your language lessons)

Contact us for more information and sign up for our English PLUS Dance programme in New York!