Learn Arabic in Jordan

The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan breaks with the stereotypical image of a Middle East in the grip of perpetual conflict. Proud of its peaceful and calm Bedouin tradition, the country is the most hospitable around. Jordan’s territory is now one of the 14 Cradles of Humanity. Moses and the Emperor Hadrian walked this land; Lawrence of Arabia marked it with his footsteps. Today, the future of the kingdom is ensured by their king and queen who are fighting against illiteracy and for access to education for the poor.

The Jordanians insist on offering visitors all the authenticity of their country. Restaurants without the slightest knowledge of Michelin stars, serve you the most delicious meals. In the purest tradition of their Bedouin ancestors, the Jordanians open their hearts and their homes to visitors. Don’t be surprised if you are spontaneously invited to have tea in the home of someone you have just met! Just enjoy the hot, deliciously minty drink surrounded by welcoming people who are the guardians of the art of hospitality.

Modern tourist infrastructures allow you to explore some spectacular sites. Petra, a city carved out of pink rock, bears witness to the magnificence of the empire established by the Nabateans. The tomb of Moses is located on Mount Nebo, a reminder that you are in the Holy Land. The River Jordan flows close by and you can see the Promised Land as it was revealed to the son of Amram. Float on the Dead Sea, dive into the turquoise waters of the Red Sea or cool down in an oasis in the Wadi Rum desert. A spiritual journey through the origins of civilisation... You are still in Jordan, a modern, endearing and unforgettable country.

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