Learn Arabic in Morocco

An ancient land of welcome and encounters, from the Berbers to the Arabs, Morocco has shaped an open mind and a remarkable cultural richness for itself. Anchored in bygone traditions, but resolutely turned towards the future, this North African country is at once contrasting and fascinating. Not to be missed!

Situated between the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, with the Atlas mountain range overhanging it, al-Maghreb al-aqsa will offer you a magnificent symphony of colours and landscapes during your language study trip Since 1956, Morocco has intended to affirm its personality and to remain the master of its own destiny. The opening up to the West and the search for modernism has launched the country on an uninterrupted course to shape a new face, a new identity for itself. Nevertheless, between the oceanic Morocco largely open to the West and the Sahara Desert region of Morocco marked with the contrast of the oases and large open spaces, the mountain where "freedom has always remained wild and haughty". A symbol. In this way, from Agadir to Oujda, passing by its capital, Rabat, you will discover the diversity of a country which, throughout the centuries, has always managed to preserve its traditions. In Morocco, you will bear witness to a lifestyle which is out of the ordinary, a people who respect their ancestors, even in the most mudane gestures. A people who, if you know how to listen, will favourably tell you their stories and about their beliefs. Leave the large avenues of the cities and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the Medina, among the spices, snake charmers and multicoloured souks. If you walk along the winding small streets with your friends from the language school, you will perhaps arrive at the large door of a Merinide palace, surrounded by magnificent gardens...When the mild Moroccan evenings set in, there is a festive feel to every street. Cafés, restaurants and nightclubs spread their contagious spontaneity and good humour among the inhabitants and tourists. Whether you prefer the calm of a patio or the dancefloors of the trendiest discos, the atmosphere will carry you through the night! Worthy of a tale of a thousand and one nights, Morocco promises you a generous language study trip, filled with marvels and striking contrasts.

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