Learn Dutch in Belgium

The national motto in Dutch states « Eendracht maakt macht ». Union makes strength. A small federal state where the languages and temperaments intersect each other, but where the crown reigns everywhere. Belgium is a résumé of Europe, of which Brussels, its radiant capital, is the common ground.

A broad vision, in essence, in a capital where the continent’s institutions have been established for a long time. This country brings several universes together, in breweries where the seafood and hops blend nicely. You would have to go back far, to the time of the conquests, in order to understand this surprising prodigy of a country, to Flanders, filled boats, enormous ports, the materials and men which travelled. The Belgian adventure is read on its walls, smart houses of nomadic middle-class people, painters who passed by there in order to capture the warm lights. The cities of Antwerp, Bruges and Gand keep the memory of a State founded on shared interests and an opening towards the North Sea. Today, Belgium extends as far as Ostende, with its heavy sea sprays on the quays, and takes place above all in taverns, museums, concert halls…Brussels, in a few years, has become more than a political capital of Europe. It is a cultural machine, whose theatres radiate on the five continents. With the influence of the former colonial communities, particularly those of the Congo, the country has become what it has always aspired to be, a precipitate of the world. Divided between French and Dutch speakers, the Belgians are constantly reinventing a reason to be together. What connects them above all is a unique warmth.

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