Learn English in Ireland & Northern Ireland

Students can spend hours in the pubs of Dublin, improving their knowledge whilst listening to tales of Celtic legends. Stories passed down from father to son about the fabulous beings that inhabit the emerald green pastures. Ireland is a land where one can take the time to listen.

And to understand why it is unlike any other English-speaking country. There is a magic in the air, originating no doubt on the peat bog plains, where archaeological sites lean against medieval churches. But also at the hilarious parties, brought alive by Gaelic music. An alloy of humanity and nature. Although Ireland would not change an ounce of its past for anything, this small republic enjoys a happy modernity. Dublin has become a cultural centre of Europe. The younger generation affirms its independence from its British neighbour. The districts buzz and the festivals multiply. One of the most stimulating ways to spend an afternoon in Ireland: sit yourself down in a bar, order a Guinness and read one of the country’s sacred epics: James Joyce or Oscar Wilde. To get an idea of Irish wit, which is amusing and sharp.

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