Learn French in Guadeloupe

"I dreamt, the other evening, of islands greener than my dream, where sailors landed on the shore in search of blue water", following the example of Saint-John Perse...the dream is yours!

On one side, the mountainous Basse-Terre, a vital organ of the archipelago with its tropical forest, a vast green torrent diving into the sea. On the other side, the blue Grand Terre, the economic heart, less luxuriant where sweetness is a way of life. Two islands. Two siamese twins forming a large butterfly. They are as much inseparable as they are different. This is Guadeloupe, its cocunut trees, its sunshine, its white, black or red sand beaches. Cradled between the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, these "confetti of the Empire" are a place of dreams. However, Guadeloupe could not be summed up by these two magnificent islands. It is varied, with everything in contrast. In the north-east, Saint-Martin, the Franco-Dutch town with its heavenly beaches and palm trees. In the north-east, Saint Barth, the deluxe town with its sparkling yachts in front of hotels for billionaires. In the east, la Désirade, an island of fishermen with its cactii and its wind turbines. In the south-east. Marie-Galante, the authentic town with its fields of sugar cane and its windmills. In the south-west, les Saintes, the archipelago of rocky islets with its colourful fauna and its splendid corals. How do you imagine our language study stay in Guadeloupe will be? Magic...quite simply.

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